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The Mon Calamari Shipyards were the manufacturers of numerous space transports and warships.

When the Mon Calamari joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the shipyards became the main source of new warship construction for the Alliance, as well as the New Republic and later the Galactic Alliance.

The Mon Calamari shipyards were known for their advanced and powerful capital warships, ranging from standard cruisers to massive battleships and Star Defenders.




Early Years

The shipyards of Mon Calamari came into being several thousand years before the Battle of Yavin,[12] when the people of Dac, particularly the Mon Calamari, began to dream about what lay beyond their own world. Together they constructed several orbital facilities, which were used to study techniques ranging from zero-gravity manufacturing to starship propulsion. This began the first construction of starliners which explored first the Calamari system and later surrounding worlds, including Ruisto and Mantan, which were eventually colonized. The Quarren also established asteroid mining colonies to supply Mon Calamari with additional resources.[1]

In time, the world became encircled with shipyards and construction facilities, as well as some secret facilities hidden underwater on the planet's surface. These would prove useful millennia later when the Galactic Empire invaded the planet.[1]

Republic Contact

It was starliners from Mon Calamari that first stumbled across Galactic Republic exploration vessels. Despite the level of advanced technology that they discovered, Republic explorers did not fully grasp the ability of the world's shipyards. Mon Calamari designs were seldom seen outside the Calamari Sector, though this changed when they came to the attention of Count Dooku.[1]

Into the Clone Wars

As the Separatist movement grew, CIS leader Count Dooku visited Dac. Upon seeing the vessels that they were able to build, Dooku judged the shipyards as advanced and sophisticated as the great yards of Fondor or Gyndine. Yet, when Dooku tried to get Dac and its advanced shipyards to join his growing movement, they resisted.[1] Angered, Dooku unleashed the Dark Reaper weapon on the world, which severely damaged its shipyards.[13]

Further damage was sustained during an early battle of the Clone Wars, which pitted loyalist Mon Calamari and Republic clone troopers against the CIS backed Quarren Isolation League.[14] While the Mon Cals and their Republic allies prevailed, shipbuilding was further delayed when CIS agents stole shipbuilding technique plans.[15]

Imperial Era

Mon Calamari Star Cruiser under construction.

The rise of the Galactic Empire brought enslavement and control onto the Mon Calamari and Quarren. The shipyards became a valuable prize to the Empire, which wanted them for maintaining a substantial military presence able to subdue any resistance on Mon Calamari, as well as maintain control over the neighboring Tion worlds and the outlying planets of the Perlemian Trade Route.[1]

Yet, this dream never fully materialized, as Imperial engineers struggled to adapt Mon Calamari tools and equipment. This was an impossible task, as everything from smelting techniques to arcfusers were designed for Mon Cal and Quarren physiology. After a few failed experiments in using the yards to build warships for the Empire, the project was scrapped when the Imperial High Command deemed it too expensive. The shipyards sat idle as the Mon Calamari quietly plotted to restore their freedom.[1]

Arsenal of the Rebel Alliance

Mon Calamari shipyard during the Galactic Civil War.

Once the Mon Calamari managed to overthrow their Imperial oppressors, the shipyards began to modify their massive starliners into combat-capable warships. Their victory became a beacon of hope to other planets, and Rebel warships moved into the Calamari Sector to aid in its defense.[1]

With help from their new Rebel allies, the Mon Calamari began to build more powerful cruisers. When the Mon Calamari voted to become open members of the Alliance, Rebel technicians were dispatched to learn from and aid the Mon Cals in constructing warships for the Rebel fleet. While the shipyards specialized in their own Star Cruisers, they were adapted to produce corvettes and frigates as well. It was said that a single yard could produce one frigate or corvette a month, while the larger Star Cruisers could each be turned out in six months.[3] The total ship production in the sector grew at a staggering pace.[1]

The MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser and MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser went on to become the mainstays of the Alliance navy, with ships serving with distinction in numerous battles, including the climactic Battle of Endor.[16]

Mainstay of the New Republic

As the Rebel Alliance transitioned into the New Republic, the Mon Calamari Shipyards remained a major builder of warships. New classes of Star Cruisers, like the MC80B Star Cruiser[7] and later the MC90 Star Cruiser filled the ranks of the New Republic Defense Force.[8] This made the yards a high profile target, which happened on two occasions.

The shipyards suffered damage during the attacks of the Empire's fearsome World Devastators,[17] as well as some minor damage a year later during a attack by Imperial Admiral Daala.[18] Still, these setbacks did not deter the Mon Calamari shipyards. They were repaired and expanded.

As the galaxy began to change following peace with the Empire, the Mon Calamari continued to produce state of the art capital warships for the New Republic, including the powerful Mediator-class battle cruiser and Viscount-class Star Defender.[9]

Yuuzhan Vong Invasion

Mon Calamari Star Cruiser in center of a New Republic fleet during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

The shipyards were a key resource for the New Republic during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The yards continued to produce powerful battle cruisers and Star Defenders as the New Republic military beefed up in response to the invasion. Even after being cut off from the rest of the New Republic when the Yuuzhan Vong pierced the Perlemian Trade Route, the shipyards kept up production, sending new units to the front lines via secret hyperspace routes.

Following the Fall of Coruscant, the yards became a even more vital asset as the government relocated to the water world. As the New Republic began to reorganize into the Galactic Alliance, the shipyards worked at a feverish pace to replenish and replace losses sustained earlier in the war.

With most of the major shipbuilding worlds of the galaxy under Yuuzhan Vong control, the Mon Calamari shipyards were the most important manufacturing asset to the New Republic. At the end of the war, the Mon Calamari and their shipyards were hailed as a symbol of idealism and determination in the face of danger.[19]

Under the Galactic Alliance

The Shipyards in 137 ABY were big enough to completely encircle the planet, much like the Kuat Drive Yards.

With so many other major shipyards, like Kuat Drive Yards, the yards of Bilbringi, and Fondor devastated by invasion, the Mon Calamari shipyards undoubtedly benefited from surviving the war intact. By the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, the Mon Calamari shipyards had produced the new Mon Cal heavy carrier for the Galactic Alliance. One of this class, the Blue Diver, was assigned to the Second Fleet during the Battle of Tralus.[20]

In the last years of the Galactic Alliance, the shipyards produced various warship classes for the Alliance military, including the Scythe-class main battle cruiser, Tri-Scythe-class frigate and ShaShore-class frigate.[10]

Imperial rule

By 137 ABY, the Mon Calamari system and its shipyards had fallen to the new Galactic Empire, and they were forced to make Imperial warships. One of their largest constructions was the Imperious-class Star Destroyer Imperious, which was used by the Empire to lure the Galactic Alliance Remnant into a trap.[11]

But the trap was really set for the Empire. While the Alliance Fleet and the shipyard's guns (which had been hacked by a member of Rogue Squadron) devastated the task force of the Outer Rim Third Fleet, the stormtroopers that had re-seized the Imperious were actually Alliance troops, under the command of the ex-stormtrooper Hondo Karr. The ship was stolen and was successfully delivered to one of the Remnant's bases.[21] There, the Galactic Alliance Remnant began the process of bringing its weapon systems online.[22] The shipyards, meanwhile, were devastated during the battle, when Jaius Yorub rammed the Indomitable into them, destroying a third of the yards and damaging another quarter.[21]


The Mon Calamari Shipyards above Mon Calamari, at some point during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.

Starfighters and small combatants

Space transports



Capital ships



An Alliance Remnant fleet containing many Calamari designs, including the Imperious-class Star Destroyer Alliance.



Assault ships and carriers



Space stations



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