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Molly Mikiyaki Worf O'Brien was a female Human in the 24th century, the daughter of Miles O'Brien and Keiko O'Brien. Molly was born in 2368 on the USS Enterprise-D and delivered by Worf. (TNG episode: "Disaster")

(Molly's middle names were established in the novelization of TNG's two part episode, Unification).

Molly later moved with her family to Deep Space 9, on the station her mother established a school which Molly, despite being too young to really understand what was being taught, enjoyed attending. In 2370 a baby Horta interrupted one of Keiko's lessons, whilst the rest of the students fled Molly boldly declared "H is for Horta" before feeding the infant Horta her computer, as her mother followed her example, feeding the Horta more computers to keep it occupied Molly continued to analysis the situation, declaring "B is for Breakfast". (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

Alternate reality

In an alternate timeline in which the Borg incursion of 2366-2367 was successful, the Molly in this universe was born earlier than 2368. When the Borg destroyed the saucer section of the Enterprise, Molly was one of the civilians killed during the attack. (TNG comic: "The Belly of the Beast (comic)")


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