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Molecular Reconstruction is the ability to alter the physical structure of matter (sometimes known as Matter Manipulation). The power is not to be confused with Transformation, which is the ability of a user to alter his or her own body into one specific form, or with Metamorphosis, which enables a being to change their body into a variety of forms. Many Earth-based deities and other cosmic beings frequently possess this ability. In some instances, a character's use of this power may be restricted by certain parameters. In the case of Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, the original Firestorm, they could only use their powers to alter the molecular structure of inanimate material. Whenever they attempted to use their powers on living biological material, the Firestorm entity suffered a massive energy feedback, sometimes even forcing the composite entity to split into its respective host beings. Others with this ability may not suffer any restrictions whatsoever. The sorcereress known as Circe for example, once demonstrated her ability to affect living materials by transforming the Greek hero Odysseus and his army into pigs. Some characters may not possess the ability naturally, and may be forced to use a weapon or an item of mystical origin in order to simulate the effects of this power.

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