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Mole rat
variations: Mole rat
Giant rat
Pig rat
location: Core Region
Capital Wasteland
base id: 1CF9F

Mole rats are giant rodents who just love to sink their teeth into your flesh. While the giant mole rats found on the West Coast are mostly covered with fur, the ones from the East Coast are not, possibly being mutations of different species.



On the "Pentagon Library Terminal" in the Citadel, it can be discovered that the mole rats in the Capital Wasteland (and possibly the other mutated rats in Fallout and Fallout 2) might be the result of an American government program to develop an invasive lifeform that could be planted in China, where its aggression and fast breeding would help undermine the Chinese war effort. It is noted that a genetic 'kill switch' was included to help the US Army clean up the rats after the theoretical fall of China. Additionally, it is revealed that the researchers attempted to use the Forced Evolutionary Virus to further augment their creations, but dismissed this course of action as FEV had a propensity to render subjects sterile (defeating the whole purpose of the rats' being invasive).


An Enclave field report in Fallout 3 classifies mole rats as follows:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Family: Bathyergidae

According to the report, mole rats most closely resemble a Heterocephalus Glaber with enlargement due to heavy radiation. While larger than their ancestors, the mole rats have similarly low brain function, possibly due to an exceedingly tiny brain organ. Their incisors show increased enamel and dentine growth, making them razor sharp. In addition, the rats have extremely low levels of Substance P which results in an incredible pain tolerance.

Fallout, Fallout 2

Mole rats can often be found in packs together with pig rats and giant rats. Mole rats are best killed by a combat shotgun to the face and are very easy to get a little xp from. Early on however, the easiest way to kill them is to aim for the eyes, a critically vulnerable part. A player with a good unarmed or melee skill can effectively one shot them by doing so.

Albino Mole Rats

Albino Mole Rats

A rare variety of intelligent, albino mole rats exists, and their origins are unknown. They're a bit bigger than a normal mole rat and have a pair of red eyes. The only two known specimens are Keeng Ra'at and Brain.


Statistic Value
Strength 5
Perception 4
Endurance 3
Charisma 1
Intelligence 1
Agility 6
Luck 2
XP {{{XP}}}
Derived Statistics
Statistic Value
Carry Weight 150
Sequence 8
Hit Points 26
Healing Rate 1
Armor Class 6
Action Points 8
Critical Chance 2
Unarmed Damage 0
Melee Damage 7
Type Resistance Threshold
Normal 0% 0%
Laser 0% 0%
Fire 0% 0%
Plasma 0% 0%
Explosive 0% 0%
Electrical 0% 0%
EMP 500% 0%
Poison 15%
Radiation 6%
Skill Value
Small Guns 32%
Big Guns 0
Energy Weapons 0
Unarmed 48%
Melee Weapons 0%
Throwing 0

Fallout 3

SPECIAL Level Hit Points XP Combat skill Attack damage Special damage
ST, 3 PE, 5 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 5 AG, 5 LK 3 40 40 15 N/A
  • In Fallout 3, the Mole Rat, more similar to the Pig Rat of yore, will most likely be the first creature other than the Radroach and Bloatfly that you encounter, and also one of the easiest to kill. However in large numbers they can be dangerous to low level players.
  • Moira Brown noted in her computer terminal that mole rats can be domesticated, but only after de-clawing, de-teething, and a lobotomy.


Mole Rats appear in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. They were going to appear in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.


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