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Molanisks are Slayer monsters that require level 39 Slayer to kill. A Slayer bell is necessary to fight them. Players should remember to bring a light source when fighting them, as they are only found underground. Despite what their level would suggest Molanisks do unusually low damage, meaning a relatively mid-level player with half-decent armour should easily be able to kill several of them.



Molanisks reside in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon inside Dorgesh-Kaan, which can be gotten to either by fairy ring (fairy ring code - AJQ), by Dorgesh-kaan sphere or through the Dorgeshuun Mines. Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon itself is located directly south of the city and can be accessed by going directly south until you come to the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course where a ladder can be used into the dungeon proper where, slightly to the south-east (take the first pathway to the east, near the water) a single Molanisk can be seen.

NOTE: Molanisks are not yellow dots on the mini-map, they hang on the walls, including one right next to the fairy ring.


Molansiks are found attached to cave walls and must be lured off with a Slayer bell to allow players to attack them. When lured off the wall, they are aggressive towards the player who lured them off with the bell. Molanisk respawn relatively quickly, so it is recommended to stay at the same respawn location to conserve run energy. However, after the 22 June 2009 update for run energy and extended agility courses, it's now more efficient to run between two of them, the best pair being those south of the fairy ring.

Molanisks have a low maximum hit and their attacks aren't very accurate, however their hits can mount up, therefore a small amount of food is recommended up to defence level 80 for larger tasks (over 100).



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  • Apparently, the molanisk is related to the Giant Mole in Falador garden, as it drops mole claws as well. The examine text also proves this.

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