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Moira Brown
race: Human, Caucasian (Ghoul)
affiliation: Megaton
role: Store Owner
location: Craterside Supply in Megaton
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: The Wasteland Survival Guide
karma: Good
SPECIAL: 4ST, 5PE, 4EN, 6CH, 7IN, 4AG, 5LK
actor: Karen Carbone
base id: 0002D3C0
ref id: 0002D2BC

Moira Brown is the eccentric, sometimes inappropriately cheerful and possibly clinically insane (according to her logs and conversations) owner of Craterside Supply in Megaton. She gives the quest The Wasteland Survival Guide.



Moira was born in 2253 in the trading community of Canterbury Commons[1] but lives in Megaton in 2277.

Daily schedule

Moira is the owner of Craterside Supply. She spends the day sweeping and trading as well as conducting odd experiments. She opens the store at 8:00am and closes at 9:00pm. She lives at the store and thus never leaves. The only time she will leave is if Megaton is destroyed. She will then make her way to Underworld.

Interactions with the player character


The Wasteland Survival Guide

Moira wants you to do some dangerous research for a book she is writing entitled The Wasteland Survival Guide.

At multiple points of this quest line you can attempt to convince Moira that writing the guide is pointless and that she should center on more important things. If you do convince her to stop writing though, you will gain negative karma, and the Dream Crusher perk which causes anyone attacking you to have 50% less chance of scoring a critical hit. It also causes Moira's mood to mellow out and focus on her store, thus giving the player a discount on all items she sells (however this discount is negated if you enter the buy/sell screen through the house upgrade speech option). Her repair skill increases from 52% to 72% as well.

Destruction of Megaton

If the player character helps Mr. Burke detonate Megaton's nuclear bomb in The Power of the Atom quest, Moira survives the blast as she was outside of town researching for her guide at the time. She even remarks on how an experiment of hers, a Nuka-Psycho hybrid substance, might be responsible for the explosion. However, the massive exposure to radiation transforms her into a ghoul. She will then relocate to Underworld. She does not appear to know she's a ghoul at first, but even if the Lone Wanderer points it out, her sorrow is extremely short-lived. Typical for her personality, she optimistically realizes that she's always wanted to run some experiments on ghouls and can now use herself as a subject. Moira will still offer the quest The Wasteland Survival Guide after she becomes a ghoul.

While talking to the Ghoulified Moira for the first time, you can lie and tell her you're not the responsible of the explosion, or tell her you exploded the city to kill her. If you choose this option, the conversation will end, she will turn hostile and flee.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
RobCo Jumpsuit - 1 Mentats
1 Abraxo Cleaner
Craterside Supply Key
Moira's Terminal Password


  • Her repair skill will be increased to 54 if you decide to get the Dream Crusher perk (this repairs items to about 75%). You can increase her repair skill with the Workman's Coveralls from Point Lookout.
  • If you kill Moira, you will get a key to her shop. Her shop's inventory is behind her desk in a locker.
  • She owns a unique outfit, an Armored Vault Suit. You get it for free when you talk to her for the first time when she mentions how a previous Vault citizen ordered it but never came to pick it up (she mentions that she probably died). This is the only way to obtain it other than using the console. On PC, if you do not get it through the dialog it will appear for sale.
  • She may die on her way to Underworld if she happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Moira's voice does not change after being ghoulified.
  • Her name may be a reference to the Back to the Future movies, where Doc Brown was an eccentric inventor with an assistant. Further, Doc Brown opens a shop in a Western town where he repairs carts, which is the same thing Moira is doing. There is no evidence of Moira being from the future, but be on the lookout just to be sure!


Moira Brown appears in Fallout 3


  • Occasionally, Moira will not move from the Megaton ruins after the town has been destroyed if you have completed the quest The Wasteland Survival Guide. She will stand in front of Megaton and can only repair. (confirmed PC and Xbox)
  • If the player kills Moira Brown before destroying Megaton, you will still receive the message saying she has moved to Underworld, and Three Dog will still announce that she can be found there; however, she will still be dead and will not appear there.



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Major characters of Fallout 3

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