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Mogres are Slayer monsters and require level 32 Slayer to kill. They may only be killed once the Mogre miniquest has been completed. Mogres, who are lured out of the water using Fishing Explosives, will attack the player who lured them. To lure them, stand a few squares away from the fishing spot at mudskipper point, and use the explosives on the fishing spot. Players may also use Super Fishing Explosives if they have completed the Kennith's Concerns quest. Their name appears to be a portmanteau of "Mini" and "ogre". They are very inaccurate and have low defence. Many players hunt mogres for the item known as "flippers". These are worn on the feet and are odd, yet appealing to many players.



The mogres are most likely descendants of Bandos' army, which he used during the God Wars. As the jogres were ogres bred in tropical areas, it is likely that the mogres were bred underwater, or modified to be able to breath water. It is possible that their subrace was created to fight some underwater enemy of Bandos.



First, players must complete the mini-quest to access the Mogres, which can be started by talking to Skippy in Rimmington. Once completed, players need to head down to Mudskipper Point and use a Fishing Explosive (or Super Fishing Explosive) on one of the ominous fishing spots. Mogres appear out of the water and start attacking. Many players report that Mogres can do high damage for their level (max hit is 9), but they do hit slowly. There are safespots for rangers and mages, but if players choose to melee, they can avoid returning for food by bringing a woodcutting axe and a tinderbox, as the Mogres drop fish that can be cooked to keep players going. Alternatively, rangers who have completed Barbarian Training, can use their bows instead of using a tinderbox. If players have started Fairy Tale 2, this can be a fairly easy way of obtaining Big Bones, as there is a Fairy Ring in the middle of the Ominous Fishing Spots area. There is also a bank and Slayer Master in Zanaris, thus making this easier to store the bones, if desired, and obtaining more Fishing Explosives. A range is also near the bank, which can be beneficial should a player run low on health.

One of the safespots for Ranging



100% drops

Seed drops

Other drops


  • The name Mogre is probably derived from a contraction of Mudskipper Ogre or Marine Ogre.
  • Players can obtain items such as Flippers and Mudskipper hat as drops from Mogres. These items are unique and only dropped by Mogres.
  • A Crunchy claw token can be given to Nung in exchange for a baby Giant crab.
  • A Mogre bone, which differs from the usual big bones dropped by Mogres, are rare drops used in the second part of the Rag and Bone Man quest. This bone cannot be buried.
  • Mogres, and all other types of Ogre, received a graphical rework, on 17 March 2009, with the release of The Chosen Commander quest.
  • Mogres also have various sayings when they come out of the water. These include : "Da boom-boom kill all da fishies!", (worryingly) "I smack you good!", "Smash stupid human!", "Tasty human!" and a few others.
  • This can be a fairly good way for players without the correct fishing level to receive raw sharks.
  • Decent Way for Players to Obtain seeds, these can be very Profitable.
  • Lower levels can range Mogres from Behind the Fairy Ring Located at Mudskipper point.
  • Various mogre animations were updated on 9 November 2009.
  • Mogres are the only creatures that wield tridents. Players did not have access to tridents until 19 January 2010, when the Penance trident was released.

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