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Mognet menu.

Mognet is a feature which appears in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III. Unlike Mognet in Final Fantasy IX, this service is not for Moogles, but for the player themselves. It is possible to send letters over Wi-Fi to other players if the player has their friend code. The player can also send letters to many Final Fantasy III denizens such as Princess Sara or Cid. It is through Mognet that the player can unlock the secret dungeon and the secret Job class.


  • From Topapa: How are you?
  • From Takka: Refia
  • From Princess Sara: Hello, Ingus
  • From Cid: How I met Mrs. Cid
  • From the Four Old Men: Long Time No See!
  • From Alus: Hello, Arc!


The player must talk to Moogles to use Mognet.

Below is a list of some of the letters that appear in Final Fantasy III. The player often has to send letters to characters to receive any back. The letters often reveal details of the lives of Final Fantasy III characters after they have met the Warriors of Light, or offers commentary on the plot.

After the party leaves Ur for the first time.

How are you?
Luneth, Arc, how fare you?
Ur is just not the same without
you two.
Everyone here misses you,
and we all pray for your safe
From Topapa

After Refia joins the party.

Are you doing all right, Refia?
Remember to come straight
home once you've completed
this journey of yours. There's
much work for you to do!
From Takka

After saving Princess Sara.

Hello, Ingus
Ingus, everyone, how are you
doing? Father and I are both
fine, as well as the rest of the
people in the castle.
Stop by to say hi if you have time
From Sara

After Cid leaves the party.

How I met Mrs. Cid
The first time I met Mrs. Cid, she was
a passenger on my airship
It was love at first flight! Get it?
Har har har!...Ahhhhh.
From Cid

After leaving Amur.

Long Time No See
Salutations, Warriors! How are you
little squirts? We wanted to thank
you again for helping us in the sewers,
and we owe you one. Let us know if
you need our help
From the 4 Old Men.

After saving Saronia.

Hello, Arc!
Arc, how are you?
Saronia is a big city...and big cities
have very big problems. I'm doing my
best, and I think I am finally getting the
hang of this... I hope your journey is
going smoother than my rule.
From Alus

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