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Mognet is a Moogle-operated mail service in some Final Fantasy games.



Final Fantasy III

Main article: Mognet (Final Fantasy III)

Mognet is a service run by regular moogles and is exclusive to the Nintendo DS remake. The moogles will deliver letters to either in-game characters, or to other players over Wi-Fi. It is through Mognet that the player can unlock the secret dungeon and the secret Job class.


Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Mognet (Final Fantasy IX)

Mognet is led by Artemicion. However, recently, the delivery of letters has slowed down, and the moogles have to rely on Zidane to help deliver letters. The player's party can investigate the mystery of Mognet if they decide to ride a chocobo to their headquarters, Mognet Central.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

While the mognet doesn't make a true appearance, the Moogle Brothers will randomly mention they get their info from it should the player speak to them.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The player receives Mognet letters every day and can read them via the game's Calendar function. These letters often come with 30 PP each and occasionally also give the player Friend Cards and special items or even ask the player questions regarding the series. There are three main Moogles. Linaly, named after the heroine of Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, is new to Mognet and asks the player personal questions. Benjamin, the protagonist of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, travels to various Final Fantasy locations depending on the player's input. Mogstache, the original moogle, calls himself the Moogle Ragtime after the enemy in Final Fantasy IX and quizzes the player on previous Final Fantasy games. Rarely, a unique moogle drawn in the style of Kingdom Hearts will send a message, which occasionally come with 300 PP and a Friend card. The moogle added to the North American addition resembles it.

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