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For the Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Job, see Moogle Knight.
Moogle Mog Knight
"Small moogle warriors with brave hearts"
—In-Game Description

Mog Knight (モーグリナイト Mōguri Naito lit. Moogle Knight) is a Job class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. As its name suggests, it is only available to Moogles. Mog Knights are the pure powerhouses of the Moogle Job classes. They wield powerful blades and they have a nice array of skills that can give them the upper hand. While their Attack growth is beautiful, their abysmal Speed growth almost forces them to take the last turn in battle. This class requires one Animist A-Ability.

One of the noticeable Mog Knights are Lini, the Redwings, and Reaker.





Mog Knight command. Use momentum to deal damage.

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master MP Use
Mog Attack Flametongue Damages and knocks back target. 100
Mog Guard Kwigon Blade Raise Defense and Resistance for one turn. 200
Mog Lance Atmos Blade Ranged attack. 200
Mog Rush Shadow Blade Double damage, half Accuracy. 200
Mog Shield Pearl Blade Nullifies the next status ailment. 300
Mog Peek Paraiba Blade Search for concealed equipment. This skill will only work on enemies with the "Item" A-ability as their secondary. 300
Mog Aid Icebrand Recover some HP and cure status ailments. 300
Ultima Charge Materia Blade Triple damage attack. 999 60


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Last Haste Gold Armor Bestows Haste when in critical HP. 300


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Shieldbearer Round Shield, Opal Shield Allows shieldwielding, regardless of Job. 300


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Charge Combo Mythril Blade Allows the unit to start or join in a Combo during combat. 100
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