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Mog, dressed as "Dueler X", in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales.

Mog (モグ Mogu) is a recurring character from the Chocobo series. He is the most famous Moogle in the Chocobo series. He always attempts to steal the limelight from Chocobo, the main protagonist of the series; though his plans are mostly foiled unknowingly by the clueless yellow bird. Nevertheless, he sticks with Chocobo most of the time, and the two are fast friends.

Mog is a greedy little Moogle who jumps at the chance of hoarding treasure for his own. Whenever he travels in an adventure with Chocobo, Mog will always cook up a plan behind the bird's back for his own gain.




Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2

Mog travels the world with Chocobo as treasure hunters that explore dungeons around the world. Mog is egoistic and is always looking for a way to surpass Chocobo. He has high HP growth and his physical attacks are average. He can sometimes steal items from enemies whenever Chocobo doesn't have any in his inventory.

Chocobo Racing

Mog had commissioned Cid to create a racing machine to beat Chocobo in a race, but Cid had forgotten all about it; partly because the inventor was busy inventing Jet-Blades for Chocobo. Mog got his racing machine; a scooter with custom-made Moogle horn, and Mog challenges Chocobo to a race, only to be beaten by the bird. Cid explains to an angry Mog that the Blue Crystal on Chocobo's leg helped Chocobo to win, and that if they travel together around the world, they will surely find other Blue Crystals. Mog jumped at the chance and joined Chocobo.

Mog's ability is "Flap", which allows him to fly over obstacles for a limited amount of time. He drives the Mog-Mobile R2, which is slow, but easy to handle the opposite of Shirma

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Mog is just an ordinary moogle. However, he has delusions of grandeur, and likes to dress up as his alter ego, Dueler X (ポップアップヒーロー Poppu Appu Hīrō lit. Pop-Up Hero). As Dueler X, he believes he is the greatest card battler ever, and teaches Chocobo how to play cards and gives the young bird decks to work with. Everyone except Chocobo knows that Dueler X is really Mog, but Mog can't accept this.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

In this game, Mog assumes five alter egos; Dungeon Hero X (ダンジョンヒーローX Danjon Hīrō Ekkusu), Pop Up Hero X (ポップアップヒーロー Poppu Appu Hīrō), Merchant Hero X, Robber Hero X, and Romantic Hero X.

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