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The city of Moenia

Moenia was a large city on Naboo known for its importance as a booming artists' retreat.



Protected by dense swamplands, Moenia was an ideal city for Naboo's educated elite. It lay in the Lianorm Swamp region of the planet, an area traditionally inhabited by the Gungans. The city boasted Naboo's highest concentration of successful authors, artists and musicians. It was also the training ground for many of Naboo's elected officials, and included some of the galaxy's most respected universities.

The Empire viewed Moenia as little more than an artist's retreat and virutally ignored all activity in the city. This allowed for the formation of a small but influential group of political idealists sympathetic to the Rebellion. Publicly, Moenia's leadership would support the Empire, but they surreptitiously funded Alliance activities, welcomed refugees from worlds under Imperial siege, and arranged meetings between Rebel agents and powerful political figures from throughout the galaxy. While the peaceful residents of Moenia would rarely take up arms against the Empire, their underground support of the Alliance proved to be a valuable asset.

The Aerie Casino was also located on the city's outskirts. A Grand Opening of this casina occured in 1 ABY.[1]

Among the city's more famous patrons was the famed poet, philologist, and scholar Ebenn Q3 Baobab. Borvo the Hutt was also known to relax in the local cantina.[2] From here, he managed his own vault just outside the city. This vault was actually a large underground bunker, rumored to have an acklay and rancor guarding its secrets.[2]

An interesting feature about Moenia was that it usually had a misty gloom about it. While inside the city, one could rarely tell if it was day or night. Perhaps it was for this reason that Moenia chose to be the host of the Galactic Moon Festival.

Behind the scenes

The word moenia in Latin is defined as "the outer walls of a city," or when employed as synecdoche, in text, moenia stands for the city as a whole.



  • The Return of the Galactic Moon Festival
  • Moenia on Allakhazam

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Moenia is considered to be a simple artist's retreat and is largely ignored by the Empire. This setting has provided the perfect cover the Rebel Alliance to setup its operations.

Moenia is the Rebel stronghold city for Naboo. Rebels will always be in control of the city, even if Imperials are winning the war on the planet and have control of all other cities. This is the only Rebel stronghold with a starport.

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