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Moddell sector was in the Inner Zuma Region of the Outer Rim Territories. It was divided into the Inner Moddell systems and the Outer Moddell systems. The Inner Moddell systems included Annaj (the sector capital), Maya Kovel, Mina, Ovise, Thonner, Vasha, Vex, and Kuna's Tooth. The Outer Moddell systems included Ast Kikorie, Endor, Murk, Sanyassa, Trindello, Kuna's Eye, Kuna's Fist, Kuna's Horn, Kuna's Tail, Din, Zorbia, UR-1060, UR-2650, UR-3741, UR-8827, and UR-9353. Gandolo IV may have been in the Sector as well. Planets included Hanchin and its moon, Mina.

Moddell contained both the Monsua Nebula and the Din Nebula.


Behind the scenes

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Agrilat, Adega, Vjun, Khuiumin, Basilisk, Pzob, and Hozrel XI in the Moddell Sector. Agrilat is a swampy region of Corellia, not a separate planet; Adega is not a planet in the Star Wars universe. It is likely the game intended to reference the planet Ilum; The Adega system, however, including the planets Vjun and Khuiumin, are all in the Auril Sector; Basilisk is in the Galactic Core; Pzob is in the Slice near Gamorr; and Hozrel XI is in the Centrality.



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