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The Castle

Siege is one of the scenarios of Mobilising Armies. As defined by Jagex "In this scenario, victory is gained by defeating your opponents or by breaking into the castle that sits at the centre of the map. To break into the castle, you'll need to breach the walls with a squad or with a catapult. To attack the walls with a squad, use the ‘Attack wall/catapult’ command in your Squad Commands tab and then click on the offending wall (you may also attack an opponent's catapult in this way) or simply left-click the wall. To build a catapult, use the ‘Collect’ command in your Squad Commands tab to gather wheels, wood, rope and limbs from the shipwrecks that are strewn across the shore, or simply left-click the shipwreck. Once all of the catapult parts are collected, a catapult will automatically appear. Use the 'Collect' command to gather 4 rocks from the rockpiles around the map and the catapult will fire at the castle automatically, bringing you closer to victory."



Strategy 1: Multi-Tasking

Squad Units:

  • 5 Light weight infantry
  • 5 Heavy weight infantry

Special Units:

  • 2 Distractors
  • 3 Gliders

Formation: Flank, Spread

It is recommended to first build a catapult using the Light weight infantry, then to keep have them collect rocks scattered around the map. It is highly unrecommended to attack the wall, but instead kill the opponents with the heavy infantry, to delay your opponents units. However, this is likely to earn the wrath of the opponents attacked, and requires one to keep a close watch on several locations at once.

Strategy 2: Destroy the Wall!

Squad Units:

  • 7 Light weight infantry
  • 3 Heavy weight infantry


  • 2 Light weight infantry
  • 8 Heavy weight infantry

Special Units:

  • 3 Distractors
  • 2 Barricades

Formation: Flank, Spread

It is recommended to send the light infantry to build the catapult and collect rocks while the heavy infantry take turns assaulting the wall, switching about every 2 or 3 minutes. The same can be done with more heavy infantry, as added insurance from attackers.

Strategy 3: Elimination

Squad Units:

  • 4 Light weight infantry
  • 6 Heavy weight infantry

Special Units:

  • 3 Distractors
  • 2 Gliders

Formation: Wedge, Flank, Spread

Should one face off against squads consisting of all light units (thus unable to fight heavy units effectively), victory by eliminating all opponents is somewhat possible. By alternating which opponent gets assaulted, it is possible to prevent them from breaking through the walls too quickly. Light infantry are sent after stragglers at the end. It is recommended to only try this when there is at least 1 "suicide" squad in the game, seeking fast rank, as it is nearly impossible to fight off 3 armies before one breaks down the castle wall.

Strategy 4: Fast Ranks

Squad Units:

  • 10 Light weight infantry

Special Units:

  • None, or 5 Cannons

Formation: Wedge

This strategy is used by players seeking fast rank points, but yields reduced reward credits depending upon your rank. The player first sends all 10 units to assault the wall, letting the castle turrets weaken them. Once the timer hits 26 minutes (4 minutes past), the player may then fire all of their cannons at their own units, killing them even faster.

Strategy 5: Ignoring

Squad Units:

  • 10 Heavy weight infantry

Special Units:

  • whatever you prefer to fight with.

Formation: Wedge

Most players playing siege have the single intent of killing themselves, ignore these people focus your attention on people who want to win attack them with all your troops to stop them from breaking though before you kill them all. Sometimes all your opponents will use the kamikaze in this case you can just help them along.(this only works when 2 or more of the opposing squads are "suicides")


To win you must either defeat all your opponents or break down the castle war in the centre of the map.


  • To unlock this stage you must have completed a full game of the conflict stage.
  • It is possible to attack another player's wall.

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