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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
Mobile Type 8
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 41)
30,300 42,300
Elemental affinities
- Weak - -
- Misses - -
Japanese 機動兵器8型BIS
Romaji Kidō Heiki 8-gata BIS
Location Lunatic Pandora
Scan Its beam and laser attacks go far beyond the damage of any modern weapons.
HP Formula 300(Lv) + 30000
Card None

Mobile Type 8 is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a mobile weapons system of Esthar's former army, Galbadia, encountered within the Lunatic Pandora.


When connected to the Left and Right Probe (see below) the counterattack of Mobile Type 8, called Twin Homing Laser, can cause havoc among your party. Only attack it when it is disconnected. Have potent healing and recovery items (or magic) ready as one of its attacks reduces your characters' HP to 1.

The Left Probe greatly enhances the damage caused by its carrier's counterattacks. Unfortunately, neither Probe is weak against a particular element. Draw its healing magic during the battle.

The Right Probe does not yield healing magic. As you cannot totally destroy the Probes, concentrate on attacking Mobile Type 8 when it is disconnected from them.

Triple Triad

Mobile Type 8
Image:TTMobileType8.png Level 7 (Boss Card) Element None
Refine 1 refines into 10 Shell Stones
Drop N/A
Card Anacondaur, Blue Dragon
Win N/A

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