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Mobile Base Crawler

inside: Adams Air Force Base
factions: Enclave
quests: Who Dares Wins

The Mobile Base Crawler is found at Adams Air Force Base in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel. It serves as a mobile command center of the Enclave, a location to stash their technology and to launch orbital strikes as shown during Death From Above and Who Dares Wins.


Location and entry

The Mobile Base Crawler is located at the Adams Air Force Base, on the eastern side. To enter the Mobile Base Crawler you must first reach the part of the quest Who Dares Wins when you must go to the Adams Air Force Base Traffic Control Tower and activate the terminal there to lower the ramp.


The interior consists of 4 parts:


Base Floor

The first part is the base floor and is called Mobile Base Crawler. In here you will find Stiggs, an Enclave engineer who will help you if you let him live. Also, if the Alarm sounds, the Enclave Squad Sigma appears. There is also a little room behind a Repulsion Field which contains materials and a Work Bench. Behind another Repulsion Field lies a room which contains several weapons, ammo and armor.

The Repulsion Fields around the base can be turned off via nearby control panels. When these panels are activated, you can choose to:

  • Do Nothing: Nothing will happen
  • Turn off the repulsion field: Requires 80 Science, and will completely turn the field off.
  • Set a timed charge: Requires 50 Explosives, this will blow the panel up and partially disable the field. If you then walk through the field you will take damage.
  • Smash the Control Panel: this will destroy the panel, causing you to take damage and will partially disable the field. If you then walk through the field you will take damage.

Launch Platform Base

The second part is the Launch Platform Base. This consists out of a Deathclaw research facility, where you can find 2 deathclaws and the Slo-Burn Flamer on a small platform where you can activate 2 repulsion fields. At the Deathclaw research facility you can also find a security terminal where you can unlock all doors and a Robot Control Terminal where you have the following options:

  • Perform Safety Shutdown: This will shut down all Enclave Robots in the Mobile Base Crawler
  • Scramble Robot Targeting Parameters: This will cause the robots to attack everybody, including you and the Enclave.
  • Run Robotics Diagnostic: This will tell you what the status of the robots is.
  • Target Enclave: Requires Robotics Expert. This will cause the Robots in the Mobile Base Crawler to attack the Enclave Forces.

On the Launch Platform Base you can also find the Medical Bay, where you can find several rooms with medical facilities, several toilets, the sleeping quarters, dining room and a kitchen. Lastly there is also an Armory, where you can find several weapons with ammunition, including the Precision Gatling Laser and an Alien Blaster with Alien Power Cells.

The Roof

Between the Launch Platform Base and the Satellite Control Tower you can also find the roof. At the roof there are 2 landing pads for Vertibirds, and be careful, because a Vertibird will set down several Enclave Soldiers there. There are also 3 small huts with some ammo. Also note that it's very useful if you hacked the robots with the terminal here, since there are about 5 Sentry Bots here.

Satellite Control Tower

The Satellite Control Tower consists of 3 floors, which can be reached through a staircase or by walking up 3 different stairs. You can find some Ammo Boxes here. On the third floor you can find a terminal which contains information about an Enclave Scientist who hates it there; this terminal will also have a note saying that they have locked all the storage doors to keep in the malfunctioning robots (if you set them against their masters). There is also a terminal which allows you to unlock all doors. Here you can also find the Satellite Uplink Terminal which allows you to control the Orbital Satellites. You can choose to fire on the following targets:

After you've chosen your target you can go outside where Sentinel Lyons will come to get you with a stolen Vertibird.

Related quest: Who Dares Wins

Main article: Who Dares Wins

It is necessary to go inside the Mobile Base Crawler and launch an airstrike to complete Broken Steel as part of the last main quest of the add-on.

Notable loot


  • After completing "Who Dares Wins", you will not be able to re-enter the Mobile Base Crawler without using console commands.
  • There is a drum of Aqua Pura in the Satellite Control Tower as well as a stack of drums beneath the stairs in the southwest corner of the Launch Platform Base, but how they got there is unknown.
  • Amusingly, in two of the toilets in the base, there's a length of human intestine. Drinking from these toilets has no rad penalty.

Behind the scenes

  • The Mobile Base Crawler bears a striking resemblance to the real-life NASA crawler-transporter, particularly the tread units and the position of the entry ramp. It's more than likley that it is a heavily modified crawler, probably taken post-war.
  • In a stall, a bloody Garden Gnome with glowing eyes was appearently cutting up meat with a Deathclaw Hand.
  • In between a counter with junk on top, there is a small gap where a Garden Gnome stands, in front of the gnome is a ball and farther in the gap, is a triangular pattern of milk bottles, which is obviously a reference to bowling.


  • There are three Enclave soldiers on the southern end of the crawler who will shoot on sight after the base is destroyed. (Confirmed on Xbox 360)
  • Sometimes when entering the Dorm through the Lab where you meet the Enclave Squad Sigma the game will freeze. (Restarting the console will fix this problem)
  • If you exit and re-enter the satellite tower from door on the top floor(leading to the landing pad) all the items on the bodies inside will respawn, you can repeat this over and over for infinite ammo, enclave armor, weapons etc. Exiting the tower from the bottom floor and re-entering sometimes causes the bodies to disappear exiting and re-entering from the top again will return the bodies. (Confirmed Xbox 360)
  • Sometimes one of the Enclave soldiers on the roof will be friendly. He only says "Yeah?" when you speak to him and the only speech option is "See you later." to which he replies Bye. This might be a result of scrambling the robot parameters and then destorying the turret he was fighting. There is no karma penalty for killing him.
Enclave of the United States of America
Broken Steel (add-on)

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