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Mobetta system

Outer Rim Territories[1]


Airam sector[1]

Grid coordinates


Space stations

The Mobetta system was located in the Airam sector. It was apparently one of the more industrialized Airam systems.

The Rebel starship component factory Soren and the Airam Deep Space Manufacturing Facility Gallofree were located in this system.

Soren was discovered and quickly destroyed by Task Force Vengeance in the First Battle of Mobetta.

At Gallofree the Rebel Alliance transferred the gravity well projectors from the stolen Interdictor Compellor to the Strike-class medium cruiser Peregrine, thereby creating the first Modified Strike Cruiser.

The Rebels had to fight off several Imperial patrols in the Second and Third Battle of Mobetta until the Peregrine was completed and successfully tested. Grateful for the help of their Airam allies, the Rebels successfully defended the factory in the Fourth Battle of Mobetta.

Behind the scenes

Although a timeline of the Rebel and Imperial missions is not given in the game, the First Battle of Mobetta (Imperial Campaign, mission #5) took place prior to the capture of the INT Compellor and before Avenger Squadron received their TIE/ad starfighters, and therefore prior to the three battles in the Rebel Campaign (missions #8, 9 and 11).


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