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Mjrn, Fran's younger sister.
"That cannot be all! I saw it when I left the village! Ivalice is changing! How can the Viera stand and do nothing at all?"

Mjrn (ミュリン Myurin) is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XII. She is a Viera and the younger sister of Fran and Jote. She looks up to Fran and wants to experience the outside world, much to the dismay of Jote, as the Viera consider leaving the Golmore Jungle an act that cannot be forgiven.


Despite Jote's concerns, Mjrn left Eruyt Village to find out why Humes had recently been wandering in and out of the Jungle, and even followed them all the way to the Henne Mines where she was captured and used for experimentation. The scientist wanted to see what effects the Mist from manufactured Nethicite had on the Viera, who are sensitive to Mist and other natural phenomena.

Artwork of Mjrn with Fran and Jote.

Because of these experiments, she not only went into a Mist-frenzy, but also came under the possession of Venat. Just prior to being discovered by Vaan and the party, she awakened Tiamat from its slumber. After defeating it, Venat left Mjrn's body and she woke up in Fran's arms.

Upon returning to Eruyt Village, she is scolded by Jote for having left the village, and even more so when she says that she wants to leave again. She is hurt when Fran tells her to stay in the village and that she is her sister no longer and she runs off crying.

Later, a Cockatrice comes to the village, which makes Mjrn realize she needs more company.


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