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The name or term Mixmaster refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mixmaster (disambiguation).
Mixmaster is a Decepticon Constructicon from the live action film continuity family


WhY mY ShoUlDeRS HurT?

Resident chemist and explosives expert for the elite among the Decepticons, Mixmaster has spent his entire life learning all there is to know about chemical interaction. He can make thousands of poisons, explosives, and deadly gases from the materials around him. The other Decepticons rely on him to fashion powerful warheads for their missiles and dangerous venom in which to coat their blades.




Revenge of the Fallen film

At one point, he, Rampage, Long Haul, Ravage (ROTF), and Scrapmetal dive into Laurentian Abyss to locate Megatron's corpse. After killing one of their own they succeed in reactivating their fallen leader with the help of The Doctor.

Later, he stands atop a bridge, knocking down a U.S. flag pole.

During the battle in Egypt, Mixmaster corners Sam, Mikaela, Lennox and Epps and destroys at least one tank with a cannon he possesses and pins down the rest of them. He is only stopped when Jetfire suddenly joins the battle. Jetfire cuts him in half before he can react, pinning him down and saying "Let me show you how we brought the pain in my day!" before stomping off Mixmaster's head, killing him. Oooow! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  • Mixmaster (Voyager, 2009)
Cement barrel does NOT turn. NOOOOOOO!
Mixmaster is, but not technically, a Triple Changer. He is able to transform into a cement truck and what seems like a mobile turret. Good luck with that. His mech-alive gimmick are two "spinning gears" on his legs which are, in reality, his wheels.
  • Back Road Brawl (Toys R Us Exclusive Multi-pack, 2009)
Mixmaster is now colored like his Generation One counterpart with a new head (which is actually an old prototype model). He comes with Hoist.
  • Constructicon Devastator (Supreme, 2009)
Mixmaster is a cement truck that forms the head of Devastator. Good news: he combines with his fellow Constructicons, and features a lever-activated gaping maw, lights, sounds, and speech that sounds like Arthur Burghardt, the original voice of Devastator. Bad news, for the sake of being as accurate as can be, he only transforms into a head. Additionally, he makes noise with every action, and won't shut up, even in vehicle mode. Seriously. He WILL NOT Shut up. Any single movement or touch, even a slight one will cause him to go RARRORRARARRRAAARRR!!!
  • Constucticons / Devastator (Legends, 2009)
  • Mixmaster vs. Ironhide (Robot Heroes 2009)


  • Although his cement barrel kibble appears to serve as armor, it's surprisingly frail, being seen easily ripped off by a shot from a tank.
  • When the other Mixmaster assembles with other Constructicons to form Devastator, a driver can be seen inside.
  • Interestingly, his cannon mode does appear in the film, just seconds before he's slagged by Jetfire. It appears to be conventional ammo, because it leaves a trail of smoke and fireball.
  • He does have two lines in the film, before he transformers into the cannon he yells "Oh yeah? OH YEAH?!!" "Take THIS".
  • Mixmaster has a hood ornament of a bulldog, symbol of Mack company, with the face replaced with Decepticon symbol.

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