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Mix is a recurring ability throughout the Final Fantasy series. It is normally associated with the Chemist class. Mix involves the fusing of two items to create a more powerful one. Usually it is used right away, but sometimes it can be stored for later use.



Final Fantasy V

Main article: Mix (Final Fantasy V)

Mix is the Level 2 ability for the Chemists.


Final Fantasy VIII

Med Level Up and other item refining abilities, could combine two items to form stronger ones.

Final Fantasy X

Main article: Mix (Final Fantasy X)

Mix is an Overdrive used by Rikku, and unlike in past games, any combination could be looked up in a directory.

Final Fantasy X-2

Main article: Mix (Final Fantasy X-2)

Mix is the signature ability of the Alchemist dressphere.

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Recipes Wiki, the recipe cookbook YOU can contribute to!

The combining of ingredients in such a manner that all are distributed evenly amongst each other.

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This article is about the herblore skill. For information on training herblore, see Herblore training.
"Potions" redirects here. For the item that players can obtain from the apothecary in Varrock, see Potion.
A detailed Herblore logo


A player mixes a potion using the Herblore skill.

Herblore (Herblaw on RuneScape Classic) is a members-only skill that allows players to make their own potions. Before players are able to begin using it, they must first complete the Druidic Ritual quest. This gives enough Herblore experience to raise the skill to level 3, which is the first level at which players can make potions. Players that have not completed the quest may utilise the Assist system to borrow someone else's Herblore level and make potions, though they will not receive experience for doing so.

Herblore appears to have been established by Sarah in Past A, as revealed after finishing the Meeting History quest and then talking to her.

Although it is easy to get Herblore to level 99, it is one of the most expensive skills in the game for players who buy all or most of the needed ingredients. For players who gather the ingredients (most are available from monster drops and some spawn in various locations), it is much less expensive but quite time consuming. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 982,274) on the hiscores for Herblore is level 30.


Main article: Herb

Grimy herbs

Main article: Herblore/Grimy herbs

Grimy herbs are herbs that have not yet been cleaned. This can be done by clicking on the herb, which provides a small amount of herblore experience. Herbs are almost always obtained in their grimy state (from farming, monster drops etc). Grimy herbs typically cost less than their clean counterparts as players usually do not want to spend time cleaning the herbs. Although, buying them in their clean form may save some time. It is also suggested that players collect their own ingredients, for prices are very high nowadays


See the Potion calculator for coins-per-experience-point analysis of potions using live data from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.
Note: The strength potion is the only potion available to non-members.
A variety of potions in their (3) form.

The potion-making process in Herblore takes two steps, each combining separate items. The first step involves adding a primary ingredient (usually a herb) to a vial of water (or a vial of coconut milk for some high-level potions), to produce an unfinished potion. This does not grant any Herblore experience.

The second step involves adding a secondary ingredient (see below) to make a complete potion that may be drunk or sold (with the exception of a few potions made as part of a quest). This is the main method of gaining Herblore experience. Both steps can be done in batches, which is when the player's inventory contains several of the required items, one may "make all" or "make x".

The choice of herb and secondary ingredient dictate which potion is made. Each potion has a minimum Herblore level required before potions may be made, unless the assist system is used.

Potion Image Level XP Effect Primary Ingredient Secondary Ingredient Notes
Attack potion
File:Attack potion 3.png
3 25 Temporarily boosts Attack by 10% plus 3
File:Antipoison 3.png
5 37.5 Cures poison and provides immunity for 3 minutes
Relicym's balm
File:Relicyms balm 3.png
8 40 Cures disease and provides immunity for a short time Must have at least started Zogre Flesh Eaters.
Strength potion
File:Strength potion.PNG
12 50 Temporarily boosts Strength by 10% plus 3 This is the only potion available to non-members.
Serum 207
File:Serum 207 3.png
15 50 Temporarily cures Afflicted NPCs in Mort'ton Learned and required in Shades of Mort'ton
Guthix rest tea
18 59.5 Cures poison, restores some run energy and boosts max hitpoints by 5 if at full health Made during the One Small Favour quest; use cup of hot water instead of vial.
Guam tar
File:Guam tar.PNG
19 30 Ammunition and bait for Swamp lizard
Stat restore potion
File:Stat restore potion.PNG
22 62.5 Restores most combat-related stats back to normal by 30% of level plus 10 Does not restore Hitpoints, Prayer or Summoning points.
Guthix balance potion
File:Guthix balance potion.png
22 62.5 Used against Vampire Juvinates and Vampire Juveniles, particularly in the Temple Trekking minigame
Blamish oil
File:Blamish oil.PNG
25 80 Used to make oily fishing rods during the Heroes Quest
Energy potion
File:Energy potion.PNG
26 67.5 Restores 20% run energy
Defence potion
File:Defense potion.PNG
30 75 Temporarily raises Defence level by 10% plus 3 Generally not made - prayer potions, which also require a ranarr weed, are an effective defence against most attacks and far more widely used.
Marrentill tar
File:Marrentill tar.png
31 42.5 Ammo for Orange salamander
Super Fishing Explosive
File:Super Fishing Explosive.PNG
31 55 Can be used as a Fishing Explosive Super Fishing Explosives can only be made after Kennith's concerns. Rubium is non-tradeable.
Agility potion
File:Agility pot.PNG
34 80 Temporarily boosts Agility by 3 You can obtain Toadflax by purchasing it with agility tickets from the Brimhaven Agility Arena or Pest Control Points from Pest control, receiving it from a Random event gift, by growing it using the Farming skill, or buying it from the Grand Exchange.
Combat potion
File:Combat potion.PNG
36 84 Effect of both Attack potion and Strength potion
Prayer potion
File:Prayer potion.PNG
38 87.5 Restores 25% of your total Prayer points plus 7 Effect increased by holy wrench. A lifeline when fighting TzTok-Jad. Used lots in Barrows.
Tarromin tar
File:Tarromin tar.PNG
39 55 Ammo for Red salamander
Summoning potion
File:Summoning potion.gif
40 92 Restores 25% of your total Summoning points plus 7
Crafting potion
42 95 Temporarily boosts Crafting by 3
Harralander tar
File:Harralander tar.PNG
44 72.5 Ammo for Black salamander
Super attack
File:Super attack potion.PNG
45 100 Temporarily boosts Attack by 15% plus 5
Super anti-poison potion
File:Super antipoison-potion.PNG
48 106.3 Cures poison and provides immunity for 6 minutes
Fishing potion
File:Fishing potion.PNG
50 112.5 Temporarily boosts Fishing by 3 Can be used to get into the Fishing Guild if you are a few levels short.
Super energy potion
File:Super energy pot.PNG
52 117.5 Restores 40% run energy
52 6 Reduce player size during Grim Tales Quest
Hunting potion
53 120 Temporarily boosts Hunter by 3 Kebbit teeth are found from deadfalling Sabre-Toothed Kebbit.
Super strength potion
File:Super strength potion.PNG
55 125 Temporarily boosts Strength level by 15% plus 5
Magic essence potion
File:Magic essence potion.PNG
57 130 Temporarily boosts Magic by 3 Made during A Fairy Tale Part II quest. Components are only available via the Fairy rings. The potion and the components are not tradeable.
Fletching potion
File:Fletching potion (3).png
58 132 Temporarily boosts Fletching by 3
Weapon poison
File:Weapon poison.PNG
60 137.5 For use on arrows, daggers, spears, javelins, darts, and knives
Super restore potion
File:Super restore potion.PNG
63 142.5 Restores all stats except hitpoints, including prayer points by 25% plus 8 You can only obtain Snapdragon by purchasing it with agility tickets from the Brimhaven agility mini-game or pest control points from Pest control, receiving it from a Random event gift, or by growing it using the Farming skill.
Sanfew serum
File:Sanfew serum.png
65 160 Sanfew Serum combines the properties of super restore, cure poison and cure disease potions all in one See Super restore potion. Nail Beast Nails are from minigame Temple Trekking. Partial experience is given for each addition of one of the secondary ingredients in this potion.
Super defence potion
File:Super defense potion.PNG
66 150 Temporarily boosts Defence by 15% plus 5
Extra strong anti-poison potion
File:Extra-strong antipoison.PNG
68 155 Cures and gives immunity to poison for 9 minutes File:Coconut milk.png Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Anti-fire potion
File:Dragonbreath potion.PNG
69 157.5 Temporarily provides some resistance to dragon's breath Can be used with an Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield to completely prevent dragonfire damage. Each dose lasts for 6 minutes (you will get a 15 second warning before it runs out).
Ranging potion
File:Range potion.PNG
72 162.5 Temporarily boosts Ranged by +10% plus 4
Extra strong weapon poison
File:Extra strong weapon poison.PNG
73 165 For use on arrows, daggers, javelins, spears, darts and knives File:Coconut milk.png Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Magic potion
File:Magic potion.PNG
76 172.5 Temporarily boosts Magic by 5
Zamorak brew
File:Zamorak potion.PNG
78 175 Temporarily boosts Strength by 12% plus 2, Attack by 20% plus 2 and restores up to 9 Prayer points, but lowers Defence and Hitpoints by 10% plus 2 Torstol can only be obtained from the Yanille Agility dungeon herb chest, or grown using the Farming skill.
Super strong anti-poison potion
File:Superstrong antipoison.PNG
79 177.5 Cures poison and provides immunity for 12 minutes File:Coconut milk.png Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Saradomin brew
File:Saradomin brew.PNG
81 180 Temporarily boosts Defence and Hitpoints but lowers Attack, Strength, and Range. See above for Toadflax locations.
Super strong weapon poison
File:Superstrong weapon poison.PNG
82 190 For use on arrows, daggers, spears, darts and knives File:Coconut milk.png Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Recover special
File:Recover special.png
84 200 Recovers Special attack bar by 25%. This potion cannot be traded. Only the 3-dose Super energy potion can be used as an ingredient. See Zahur.
Super antifire
File:Super antifire.png
85 210 Temporarily provides complete resistance from dragon's breath. This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme attack
File:Extreme attack.png
88 220 Temporarily boosts Attack by 5 to 26 levels. This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme strength
File:Extreme strength.png
89 230 Temporarily boosts Strength by 5 to 26 levels. This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme defence
File:Extreme defence.png
90 240 Temporarily boosts Defence by 5 to 26 levels. This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme magic
File:Extreme magic.png
91 250 Temporarily boosts 7 Magic levels. This potion cannot be traded.
Extreme ranging
File:Extreme ranging.png
92 260 Temporarily boosts Ranged by 4 to 23 levels. This potion cannot be traded.
Super prayer
File:Super prayer.png
94 270 Boosts Prayer by 7 to 41 points. This potion cannot be traded.
96 1000 The effect of all five potions for five minutes, without a gradual decrease, at the cost of a loss of 50 hitpoints in waves of 10. You regain the 50 hitpoints when the stat effects wear off. File:Clean_torstol.png
This potion cannot be traded.
  • Potions from "Recover Special" to "Overload", which came out on 07 October 2009, with the "High-level Herblore Potions" update, does NOT seem to work with lunar spells "Stat Restore Pot Share" and "Boost Pot Share", and CANNOT be made through the assist system.

Barbarian potions

Attack mix
See the barbarian mix calculator for coins-per-experience-point analysis of barbarian mixes using live data from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.

In order to be able to make Barbarian mixes, Otto Godblessed must be talked to, located at Otto's Grotto (West of Baxtorian Falls). He will teach the basic Barbarian Skills needed to get the special ingredients for these mixes. He also teaches the decanting of  4 dose potions into two 2-dose potions by using any 4-dose potion on an empty vial.

Enhanced potion requirements:

  • Herblore level required
  • 2-dose potion (or a 4-dose and an empty vial)
  • Caviar (for all other mixes).

All mixes that can be made from roe heal 3 Hitpoints per dose. All mixes that require caviar heal 6 Hitpoints per dose. Using caviar on potions that require roe does not make the potion heal 6 hp per dose, the potion will still heal the usual 3 hp. Apart from healing, all potions have the same effect as their corresponding normal potion seen in the table above.

Mix Image Add Level XP
Attack mix
File:Attack Mix.PNG
4 8
Anti-poison mix
File:Anti mix.PNG
6 12
Relicym's balm mix
File:Balm mix.PNG
9 14
Strength mix
File:Str mix1.PNG
14 17
Stat restore mix
File:Restore mix.PNG
24 21
Energy mix
File:Energy mix.PNG
29 23
Defence mix
File:Defence mix.png
33 25
Agility mix
File:Agil mix.PNG
37 27
Combat mix
File:Combat mix.png
40 28
Prayer mix
File:Prayer mix.PNG
42 29
Super attack mix
File:Sup. Att mix.PNG
47 33
Super anti-poison mix
File:Sup. Anti mix.PNG
51 35
Fishing mix
File:Fish mix.PNG
53 38
Super energy mix
File:Sup. energy mix.PNG
56 39
Hunting mix
File:Hunt. mix.PNG
58 40
Super strength mix
File:Sup. Str mix.PNG
59 42
Magic essence mix
File:Magic ess mix.PNG
61 43
Super restore mix
File:Sup. Restore mix.PNG
67 48
Super defence mix
File:Sup. def mix.PNG
71 50
Extra strong
anti-poison mix
File:Extra anti mix.PNG
74 52
Anti fire-breath mix
File:Fire breath mix.PNG
75 53
Ranging mix
File:Range mix.PNG
80 54
Magic mix
File:Magic mix.PNG
83 57
Zamorak mix
File:Zammy mix.PNG
85 58

Obtaining secondary ingredients

When training Herblore it is useful to have ample supplies of secondary ingredients.

Secondary Ingredient Price * Collection methods Potions
Eye of newt 24 coins update Can be bought in Port Sarim magic shop or in Herblore stores for 3 coins
Use Newtroost Creature Creation.
Attack potion, Super attack
Unicorn horn 1,977 coins update Kill unicorns or use Unicow Creature Creation. Anti-poison potion, Super anti-poison potion
Snake weed Untradeable Can be found on Karamja - requires Jungle Potion. Relicym's balm
Limpwurt root 2,267 coins update From Farming or from hill giant, cockatrice and hobgoblin drops. Strength potion, Super strength potion
Swamp tar 133 coins update Cave Slime drops or collected in Lumbridge swamp. Guam tar, Marrentill tar, Tarromin tar, Harralander tar
Red spiders' eggs 339 coins update Use SpidineCreature Creation. 2 respawns in the Varrock Sewers. The Edgeville Dungeon has 6 respawns in low level Wilderness. Also, those with level 10 Summoning can use the Egg Spawn scroll using a Spirit Spider.  One respawns inside Karamja Volcano. Stat restore potion, Super restore potion, Guthix balance potion, Extra strong weapon poison
Chocolate dust 258 coins update Use pestle and mortar on chocolate bars. Chocolate bars or chocolate dust can be bought from Culinaromancer's chest, Port Sarim food store, or Grand Tree food supply stores for 20 coins and respawn in the Cooks Guild and Zanaris. Energy potion
White berries 1,292 coins update From Farming, respawn at Red dragon isle (in wilderness) or use Elf teleport crystal and the respawn in Elven area. Defence potion, Super defence potion
Rubium Untradeable From Mining, Mined under Witchaven, Kennith's Concerns is required. Super Fishing Explosive
Toad's legs 301 coins update Respawns west of the Grand Tree and south-east of Taverley. Agility potion
Snape grass 387 coins update Respawns on Waterbirth Island and on peninsula west of Crafting Guild. Prayer potion, Fishing potion
Mort Myre fungi 1,297 coins update Cast bloom with silver sickle on logs in Mort Myre Swamp in Morytania. Super energy potion
Crushed gorak claw Untradeable Kill Goraks. Magic essence potion
Dragon scale dust 1,463 coins update Taverley Dungeon.Blue Dragon area. Anti-fire potion

Weapon poison

Yew roots 4,735 coins update Only from Farming Yew trees. Extra strong anti-poison potion
Wine of zamorak 1,837 coins update Telegrab from table at Zamorak Monk. Ranging potion
Potato cactus 3,241 coins update A few respawns in the Kalphite Lair. Combine with slayer assignments. Magic potion
Jangerberries 449 coins update Several respawns at Ogre Island (between Castle wars and Yanille). Bring a rope. Also from farming. Zamorak potion
Magic roots 17,400 coins update Growing, cutting down, and digging up Magic trees. Super strong anti-poison potion
Bird nest 5,099 coins update From Woodcutting, Miscellania, or for exchanging mole claws or mole skins. Saradomin brew
Poison ivy berries 1,078 coins update From bush Farming. Super strong weapon poison
Shrunk Ogleroot 21 coins update Taverley witch's house. Shrinking potion
Ashes 10 coins update From any log fire when it stops burning. Can also be obtained from monsters such as lesser demons and imps. Serum 207
Papaya 1,770 coins update Picked from a Papaya tree, grown with the Farming skill, or by using a Fruitfall scroll with the Fruit bat familiar. Recover special
Phoenix feather Untradeable Grabbed from a Desert phoenix near the clay mine in the Northeastern Kharidian Desert. Super antifire
Ground mud runes Untradeable Created by using Pestle and mortar on a Mud rune. Extreme magic
Grenwall spikes 1,454 coins update Obtained by trapping Grenwall using the Hunter skill. Extreme ranging
Wyvern bonemeal Untradeable Obtained by grinding Wyvern bones in the Ectofuntus grinder. Super prayer

Note: Another way to obtain Eye of Newt, Unicorn Horn, or Red spider's eggs would be Creature Creation, a minigame achievable only after completing the Tower of Life quest. By defeating the appropriate creature, 2-10 of the item in question are dropped.


With the introduction of grimy herbs, these herbs now reveal their identity. Hence, the price of grimy herbs depends on what level herbs they are. Chaos druids (as well as Aberrant spectres and Flesh crawlers) drop grimy herbs often, and on occasion may drop two. Aberrant Spectres may also drop three.

Many combat-related potions sell for high prices (prices are for 3 dose potions):

Potion Current GE price
Prayer potions 9,450 coins update
Summoning potions 2,749 coins update
Super restore potions 16,200 coins update
Weapon poison+ 1,685 coins update
Set of all three super potions
(super attack, super strength, and super defence)
7,446 coins update
Super attacks 1,103 coins update
Super strength potions 5,723 coins update
Super defence potions 620 coins update

Some of these prices are under pressure as the number of herbalists that can make those potions increases. Prices of potions have fallen since the release of the Grand Exchange because of the ability to quickly sell potions in bulk.

Production costs

For a full overview of profits/losses training Herblore; see Herblore - Production costs.

Temporary boosts

A player wearing an Herblore cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.

NPC Assistance

Bob Barter at the Grand Exchange will decant potions for free. Decanting results in potions of the same kind being consolidated into 4-dose potions as much as possible. For example, Bob Barter will decant six 3-dose strength points into four 4-dose and one 2-dose potion. This is a quick and easy way to free up Vials for reuse.

Zahur in Nardah will clean grimy herbs for 200 coins per herb. This ability is seldom used, as the ability to make potions with the cleaned herb requires the herblore level to clean the herb.

Zahur will also decant 4-dose potions into 3-dose potions, for a small fee of 50 coins per inventory converted (regardless of how many potions are in inventory). Zahur's fee covers the price of empty vials required for the decanting. Inventory space for the resulting potions is required, or Zahur will refuse to decant them. (21 4-dose potions would become 28 3-does potions, filling inventory entirely, and seeing as one inventory space is required for coins, 20 is the maximum that can be decanted in one 'go' producing 26 3-dose potions and one 2-dose potion.)


  • In the game's fictional history, the skill owes its name to a temporal paradox. In the meeting history quest when the player has travelled back in time and talks to the creator of the art, they mention Herblore and she replies by saying that that is the perfect name. This is a paradox as the player only mentioned this because they knew it from their own time but it appears they were the original inspiration. This paradox is known as a jin, where objects (or in this case information) has a circular time line, where a person receives an object or information from or due to a person and later goes back in time to give the object or information to them and have it age until it reaches the person that sends it back in time. In fact, the invention of the skill itself exists in a non-linear paradox - as, in the linear path of time, the creation of Herblore isn't mentioned. It's only after we alter events that lead to the present that Herblore is created.
  • Previously, the Druidic Ritual was required to drink mature greenman's ale for boosting Herblore levels to make potions, but an update has now prevented this.
  • Originally, herbs were identified rather than cleaned. All unidentified herbs or "unids" looked the same. It was changed due to the fact that scamming by use of unidentified herbs by telling other players that the herb was a higher level than it actually was. The Grand Exchange was also released shortly after this change, so that may also have been a contributing factor.
  • Originally herbs grown from farming were identified, however the same update that changed unidentified herbs to grimy herbs gave grimy herbs from farming, thus allowing them a small amount of extra Herblore experience when farming
  • The Summoning potion and Sanfew Serum are the only potions which cannot be divided/split into lesser doses. This is likely due to the fact that they were both introduced after the decanting update.
  • Without the required herblore level to clean a herb the message "You cannot clean this herb. You need a Herblore level of (Minimum Level Here) to attempt this." appears.

See also


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      • Herblore - Barbarian Potions
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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The name or term Mixmaster refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mixmaster (disambiguation).
Mixmaster is a Decepticon Constructicon from the Transformers Animated continuity family.
"'Ey, you want it when?"

Mixmaster ( or "Mix" to his friends) used to be the de facto leader of the Constructicons. Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, he spends his time overindulging in oil and whistling at passing cars with his buddy, Scrapper. Mix isn't a bad sort at heart, always willing to help a fellow 'bot, but his moral compass is apparently guided by whoever's got the best oil to offer. For all their seeming unsophistication, he and Scrapper still have an innate knack for construction-related activities. They can slap together a sturdy construct out of raw materials in seconds, and just by looking at a set of blueprints, even incomplete ones, they can tell just what's needed to get the job done. In addition to the abilities he shares with his partner, Mixmaster can also create any number of chemical concoctions in the churning belly of his mixing drum, and shoot them out of his arm.



Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Jeff Glen Bennett (English)
"Yo, fleshie moron, ain't no one drivin' us Constructicons! We drive ourselves!"

Mix and his compatriot Scrapper were spontaneously brought to life by AllSpark shards embedded in them. Though not quick on the uptake, the two Constructibots were able to name themselves and quickly hit the ground running...after attractive sports cars. When he noticed a construction accident about to harm Bulkhead, he pulled over with his friend and intervened. Tidying up the construction site with a fair amount of skill, he befriended the large Autobot and pressured him into going off for an oil break...from a nearby oil tanker. After expressing his misgivings about stealing oil, Bulkhead took the two Constructobots to the old auto factory to meet the other Autobots. Mixmaster and Scrapper proved too rough around the edges even for Ratchet's tastes, and their cavorting woke up Sari. Mixmaster didn't think much of their stickshift-in-the-mud leader, Optimus Prime, who asked Bulkhead why he was bringing "strangers" to their base (thus proving to be none too observant in the search for AllSpark fragments himself). After a game of flattened-oil-barrel Frisbee severed Sari's pigtails, Mix found himself and Scrapper kicked out the factory by Prime.

Dejected, Mixmaster and Scrapper happened upon Blitzwing and Lugnut stealing construction supplies...very ineffectively. Once again, they intervened just before someone could get hurt, saving Blitzwing from getting creamed by the load he was carrying. Mixmaster then heard approaching police sirens, which Blitzwing told them was a quitting time signal, meaning they could go home. Mix and Scrapper indicated they didn't have a home, so their two new buddies offered to let the Constructobots come home with them, saying Mix and Scrapper would be welcome to stay as long as they hauled the heavy trailers of supplies. As Mixmaster obligingly pushed the supply containers uphill and out of earshot, he didn't hear Blitzwing ease Lugnut's concerns about Megatron's disapproval by assuring that he'd take take the two new bots offline once the heavy lifting was done. After the load was hauled, Mixmaster was all set for a reward, unaware Lugnut was about to use his signature punch upon him and Scrapper, when Megatron intervened. Mixmaster followed Megatron into the Decepticons' inner sanctum, where he saw the space bridge schematics. He and Scrapper immediately knew exactly what supplies would be needed to complete the bridge, as well as where they could be obtained.

The next day, Mixmaster and Scrapper "acquired" (stole) a load of construction materials and were fleeing pursuit by Sumdac Systems police robots when they ran into Bulkhead again. Stopping the chase, Bulkhead asked them what they were doing, and the Constructobots, being trusting souls, told him. Mixmaster couldn't figure out why Bulky was so upset they were working for the Decepticons until he said Megatron was trying to put one over on them. Mix and Scrapper weren't about to stand still for that, and they sped off to settle the score. Their initial complaints didn't go over well, as the Decepticon leader proved far less gentle and jovial, slamming them up against the mountainside near the mine. When Mixmaster said why they were angry, though, Megatron turned on the sweet talk again, spinning a tale of Autobot oppression. This proved a bit high-concept for Mixmaster, but then Megatron offered to explain it over a few barrels of oil. This was far more Mix and Scrapper's speed, and soon they were guzzling away while Megatron once again pitched the space bridge project.

We are walking chu chu trains.

Showing up at the auto factory, Mixmaster revealed that they were now working for Megatron. Much like real construction workers, they went to the highest bidder, and Megatron had better oil. Showing there were no hard feelings, they said they weren't about to hurt the Autobots, just come pick up the AllSpark fragments and be on their way. Optimus Prime objected, but Mixmaster called him a dipstick and knocked over the 98-ton-weakling. A fight broke out, and Mixmaster went so far as to ransom Bumblebee for the fragments. However, once Bulkhead handed over the fragments, Mixmaster had no trouble accepting Bulky's offer to have "one for the road." Of course, he didn't know Bulkhead had secretly slipped him and Scrapper some tainted oil, contaminated by the expired fixative that Bulkhead had saved. As Mixmaster and Scrapper ran off, the bad oil reacted explosively, knocking them out so the Autobots could reclaim the fragments. The blast also scrambled their memories, so when Mixmaster came to, he didn't know who the big, angry guy was or why he was ranting about someone named Megatron and flinging his wrecking ball at them. Confused and frightened, Mixmaster decided to vamoose. Rise of the Constructicons

Disney on Ice presents, two construction vehicles slipping on juice.

Continuing to function, Mix and Scrapper continued to wander around guzzling fuel, gaining the attention of the Autobots, Decepticons and police; all the while, Mix kept trying to remember where they'd found the "really good oil" last time. Finding a trail of Bumblebee's leaking lubricant, Mix followed it back to Autobot base and quickly burned the door down in order to find any oil in there. He soon came across a small fleshy thing but when he asked it if it knew where there was any oil, it unleashed a sonic attack to overload their audio sensors.

While Scrapper was scared and wanted to leave, fearing this creature was what had caused their memory loss, Mix was determined to find oil and told his friend to "grow a backhoe". However, their search continuously drew them into conflict with the strange creature; Mix became angry enough to threaten it with violence, ignore all of Scrapper's warnings and then be drawn into a really blatant trap. A severe beating by the factory assembly line finally convinced him that Scrapper was right, no oil was worth this, and the two fled the base.

Luckily a nice German guy turned up with some barrels of that really good oil, and the Constructicons followed him home. Good thing that small fleshy thing drove them off, or they'd never have met this guy and gone off with him! Sari, No One's Home

It burns us!!

Under the watchful eye of Megatron, Mixmaster and his buddy Scrapper helped the Decepticons finish their space bridge and were rewarded with being branded as Decepticons themselves. Later, Mixmaster encountered Bulkhead, but due to the memory wipe from the spiked oil he and Scrapper drank, neither of them recognized him. Mixmaster proved his worth as a Decepticon warrior after using his quick-drying cement to anchor Prowl and Optimus Prime to the ground when the Autobots invaded the Decepticon base. The feeling of victory was short-lived, as some loud-mouth and a bunch of oddly colored jets broke into the base from above. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

Mix would've happily stayed out of this fight, except one of those good-for-nothing 'bots spilt his oil! His blasts of quick-drying cement were a major asset in the battle, helping paralyze foes like some big-headed jerk. He later cheered on Megatron's victory (despite having no idea what this "Cybertron" thing was anyway) only to watch it all fall apart when the Space Bridge malfunctioned. Mix was last seen heroically trying to save the oil from a cave-in. A Bridge Too Close, Part II

Stop being a dirt bossy bot.

Mixmaster was offered a job, He helped Scrapper lift up the forklift which has his colour theme. Mix was under controll of Dirt Boss. Three's A Crowd


Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!
  • Mixmaster follows the true blue-collar construction worker tradition of showing his buttcrack.
  • Mixmaster and his partner in crime were the second and third Transformers brought to life by an energized crystal, the first was a trash-crazy goofball and the fourth became their new foreman.
  • Mixmaster calls himself Mix because he thinks the name Mixmaster is too long, yet thinks Scrap is too short.
  • Mixmaster starts out in a more standard construction vehicle color scheme of yellow and gray, and only switches to the classic Constructicon green and purple after becoming a Decepticon.
  • In a particular odd bit of concept art, Mixmaster's vehicle mode is shown in an upturned position supported only by his shovel. Almost like... a leg. Naaaaw...[1]
  • Chasing after red cars? Sounds familiar.


  1. Hasbro Design Sketchbook Volume 1 - 2008, p 51

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