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Mithril seeds can be bought in the Legends' Guild for 300 coins after finishing the Legends' Quest. 40 Mithril seeds are also obtained as a reward from the Waterfall Quest. Despite being a seed, they are unrelated to the Farming skill, as they have existed long before Farming has.

When they are planted some flowers will immediately grow. The player can then pick them or leave them in the ground. The flowers can be used as a very weak weapon, usually work for "style" or used as a fun weapon. Some particularly rare flowers, notably the white and black ones, can sell for high prices on the street, though all have the same game value.

An interesting thing to note, is that back in RuneScape Classic, when one planted a mithril seed, the product would be a tree. Also, unlike mithril seeds currently, one would not back up a space after planting. Thus, if one planted a mithril seed in RuneScape Classic, they would be "inside" or occupying the same space as a temporary tree. These seeds were also allowed to be planted in the Wilderness.

They are known to be used to disrupt other players' training, such as laying a box trap. As of now, players are unable to plant the seeds in hunting areas.

These seeds can give great profits if you buy the seeds for 300 coins at the Legends' Guild, then plant them and harvest the flowers. However, yellow and orange flowers will not make any profit due to their low price at the Grand Exchange. Due to the trade system, the flowers will not make any profit on the streets either. Unless you like the flowers, you should just leave the yellow, orange, and primary colours because they won't make any profit.

The white, black, and red flowers however make great profits, the black ones are 49,900, the white ones are 156,500 and the red ones are 2,664. The black and white flowers are quite rare, but the red ones are quite common. The other types of flowers are worth a negligible amount of money, due to their commonness and lack of use in other skills.

A player planting mithril seeds to grow flowers.
Players planting a great number of flowers in Varrock.

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