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The Mithril pickaxe is a pickaxe stronger than the steel pickaxe. It requires level 20 Attack to wield, and level 21 Mining to mine with. It can be used in combat or in mining to mine rocks. Since the 7 May 2008 update, players can smith mithril pickaxes after completion of the Perils of Ice Mountain quest. Level 55 or higher Smithing, 2 mithril bars, granting 100 smithing experience, a hammer is required to do so. Players can purchase this pickaxe from Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop in the Dwarven Mine.

Some people prefer using them while Runecrafting at the Abyss, claiming they are nearly as good as a Rune Pickaxe, yet weigh less. This is a minor trade-off as players will have greater run energy due to the lower weight, and mid to high level miners will not notice the slight difference in time it takes to use the pickaxe for activities in the Abyss.

Its appearance was altered by the 9 September 2009 update.

Hover over image for type
A player wielding a Mithril pickaxe.
A player wielding a Mithril pickaxe.
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+12 -2 +10 0 0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
0 +1 0 0 0 0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+13 0 0 +0%
Speed: File:speed5.gif

Combat styles

Pickaxe Combat Interface Name Combat style Type Melee experience
Spike Accurate Stab Attack
Impale Aggressive Stab Strength
Smash Aggressive Crush Strength
Block Defensive Stab Defence


  • On the day of release, when the Perils of Ice Mountain quest is completed, level for smithing of mithril pickaxes was displayed as 555, instead of 55. This has been fixed.

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