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Mitch Baker
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Full name: Mitch Baker
Also known as: Big Mitch


Place of birth: Vice City
Home: Downtown, Vice City
Nationality: American
Affiliations: Vice City Biker Gang
Vercetti Gang
Vehicle(s): Angel
Businesses: The Greasy Chopper
Voiced by: Lee Majors

"Big" Mitch Baker is a biker in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; he is a Vietnam veteran, and apparently earned a Purple Heart while killing a village full of Viet Cong. He believes that Vice City's police mistreat veterans (or at least, disaffected and violent ones such as himself), which has consequently led to innumerable clashes and 13 (presumably brief) stints in jail. He runs a local biker gang from the Greasy Chopper bar and is extremely loyal to his "family". Tommy Vercetti has to earn Baker's respect before he can get the gang to provide security for a Love Fist concert - this arrangement may be a parallel to the disastrous real-life Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway in 1969. Mitch calls into V-Rock, Vice City's rock-and-roll radio station, complaining that they play too many hair bands and not enough hard rock. His name may be intended as a Spoonerism of "bitch maker".

Mitch Baker has a tough, assertive and occasionally aggressive personality and attitude; however, after a few missions for Mitch, the player learns that he has become somewhat sedentary, doing not much except "messing around" in the Greasy Chopper with his club mates, arm wrestling and playing pool and pinball games. That said, he's apparently prepared to spring into action if he deems it necessary -- when his bike is stolen by a local street gang, he says, "Me and the boys were going to go down there and teach them a lesson, but then I got to thinking..."

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City


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