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Mister Sandman
Fallout 3
requirements: Level 10, Sneak 60
ranks: 1
benefit: Silently kill any sleeping human or ghoul.
Bonus XP for each such kill.
base id: 31DAD

Mister Sandman is a Fallout 3 Perk.

With the Mister Sandman perk, when you are in Sneak mode, you have the option to silently kill any human or Ghoul while they're sleeping. All Mister Sandman kills earn bonus XP - which amounts to 50 experience points per kill on any difficulty.

Mister Sandman is performed in sneak mode and by choosing "Pickpocket" on an unfortunate sleeping victim. Choosing "Pickpocket" pauses the game and brings up a menu with the options to "Murder" or "Pickpocket". Choose the former to activate the perk. When used, a short murder animation follows with the player character looking around and slitting the victim's throat, accompanied by a cartoony jingly fanfare.

Possession of a knife or other bladed weapon is not necessary to perform a Mister Sandman kill, even though the kill animation shows the deed performed with a knife.

Sometimes Mister Sandman victims wake up and cry out before they die, thus alerting nearby characters even with 100 Sneak and a Stealth Boy, or high Sneak and the Chinese Stealth Armor. This may happen due to the "stealth" flag being removed from the player while the Mister Sandman killing is in process, rendering the player "clearly detectable", even to sleeping characters as they somehow can observe you while you are sneaking. Also, some victims even stand up, move around, and complain before the game decides to kill them, also alerting nearby characters. It appears as though hostile characters will always wake up if this perk is used on them, thus, greatly limiting the usefulness of this perk for karmatically Good characters.


  • No Karma will be lost or gained from Mister Sandman kills (you will lose karma for killing a person while detected.)
  • If an Unarmed weapon is equipped when a Mister Sandman kill is performed, it will be worn during the animation.
  • If the player has the Contract Killer or Lawbringer perks, killing NPCs with this perk will not cause the victim to drop an ear or a finger upon death (except if you kill them while detected.)
  • To maximize the effectiveness of the Perk, move somewhere out of the field of vision of the victim. Make sure you are hidden as well. Some people go to the extent of stripping down and using a Stealth Boy.
  • When Broken Steel add-on is installed, after passing level 20 (where EXP is no longer earned without the additional level cap), it seems that you do not receive any EXP for performing Sandman Kills. (confirmed: PCx2). It is unsure if this affects all NPC's / loaded data files.

Behind the scenes

  • The "sandman" is a folkloric character who puts sand in the eyes of little children, causing the rubbing of the eyes that is a sign of tiredness.
  • The name of the perk is most likely a reference to the song "Mister Sandman" by the Chordettes, which fits the time period of the music played on Galaxy News Radio (radio).


  • Prior to patch, it was possible to use the perk on children. This would not kill the sleeping child, but the experience would still be gained, allowing for unlimited EXP.
  • It is still possible to perform Mr. Sandman kills on Kenny from the Point Lookout add-on after patch 1.5 (Xbox 360, PS3 confirmed)
  • Sometimes, dead victims will still speak when you steal nearby items, scolding you for your theft. There are no consequences for this, though, it's just creepy.
  • The player character will sometimes simply levitate over the victim, with no knife animation playing. The cause of this is unknown, but it seems to always happen after the new patch, even without the Chinese Stealth Armor.
  • It is possible that while murdering the victim, they will wake, stand up and become hostile towards you, however, they will still die after the murdering animation is complete. It seems that when the character being killed starts attacking the player, no damage will actually be dealt by them.
  • Occasionally, instead of murdering the NPC with the normal animation, you character may lie down, spooning, beside them. This happens with a fallen Slave in The Mill (expansion: Into the Pitt) who you can choose to heal or "put out of their misery". Choosing to do nothing then Sandman Killing the Slave results in the sleeping animation being displayed. The Slaver reacts as if you had killed them normally, even if they didn't detect it. This is probably one of the only times in Fallout 3 where the Lone Wanderer can be seen lying with another person.
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