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Mr. Handy is a pre-war line of robots created by General Atomics International in the Fallout series. It was designed as an all-around house keeper but is also capable of defending itself. Although nowhere near the level of the military Mister Gutsy, it can be quite capable in close-combat, especially in case of late models, armed with a buzzsaw and flamethrower.



The Mr. Handy series of robots was first brought to market in 2037 as a general construction and maintenance unit by General Atomics International. Primarily used in the United States and Mexico (where it was the leader in sales after the Mexico City quake of 2042), the Mr. Handy was a reliable robot. An early bug that caused interference in the operation of the multiple arms was fixed with a hardware update in 2039, with no major problems since then. A key selling feature is the nuclear power unit (a model 238B, licensed from Calpower) and self-maintenance modes. Multiple Mr. Handys are capable of keeping themselves in working condition and are also fully programmed to perform nuclear fuel replacements. Secondary programming handles radiation cleansing after refueling.

There are at least two different models in the Mr. Handy line, as well as a military version called Mister Gutsy.

Late models in the Mr. Handy line are capable of quite eloquent speech. They generally have an affected English accent (While Mr. Gutsys speak in an American drill sergeant voice) and speak politely most times (although they sometimes mutter potential insults under their breath). Most of them have very cheerful personalities. Mr. Handy models that have been programmed as personal butlers are equipped to tell amusing jokes on command, though their "humor emitter array" needs to recharge between uses.

Technical specification


Type I

Mister Handy
Image:Mahandaa se.gif
  • Brain: A small computer brain (1 lb)
  • Sensors: Basic sensors with one eye (.8 lbs)
  • Communicator: Basic communicator with a disturbing voice (.5 lbs)
  • Arm Motors: Six arm motors, extra-flexible (6 lbs, .1 kW)
  • Propulsion: Two 200 KW motive power ducted fans, vectored (147 lbs) with GEV skirts.
  • Accessories: Integral mechanic toolset (10 lbs)
  • Power System: Routine power requirement 400.6 kW. One nuclear power unit with 200 KW output (225 lbs, 2 year endurance). Eight rechargeable E-cells with 270,000 kWs output (20 lbs).
  • Subassemblies: Head, two pods, six arms.
  • Body Design: Houses nuclear power unit, rechargeable E-cells, integral mechanic toolset, and small brain.
  • Head Design: Houses sensors, spotlight and communicator. Full rotation.
  • Pod Design: Houses ducted fans.
  • Arm Design: Houses arm motors and manipulators.

Type II

Mister Handy
base id: 0002977A

Differences from Type I Mr. Handy:

  • Sensors: Basic sensors with three eyes
  • Communicator: Advanced communicator with a human-like voice, Humor Emitter Array
  • Arm Motors: Three arm motors, extra-flexible, one ending with a saw blade
  • Propulsion: One jet
  • Size: Much smaller than Type I.
  • Accessories: A saw blade and a blowtorch that can be used as a flamethrower.
  • Subassemblies: Head, three eyes, three arms, one pod.

Notable Mr. Handy robots

Appearances in games

Mr. Handy robots appear in Fallout, Fallout 2 (Type I) and Fallout 3 (Type II). They were also to appear in Van Buren, the cancelled Fallout 3 by Black Isle.


"FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!" -When charging at an enemy.

"You must be bloody stupid if you can't hide from me!" -When hostile towards the player or any enemies.

"Oh yes, let's all beat up on the robot!" -When attacked by the player or any enemies.

"You have insulted my honor, and for that YOU MUST DIE!" -When hostile towards the player or any enemies

"And who do you think gets to clean up all this blood?! Me! That's who!" -When attacked by player

"By god, If I had hands, I would, strangle the life out of you!" -In combat

"Oh - all water under the bridge." When returning to non-hostile after being attacked by the player and the player putting his/her weapon away.

"Cheerio - water under the bridge." -Same conditions as above.

"<sigh>, why do you humans always resort to violence?" -In combat

"Oh good! I found you!" -Upon finding a hostile

"It appears you've been wounded sir/madam, may I suggest seeking medical attention as soon as possible?" -To the player when entering either the Megaton House or Tenpenny Tower Suite with damage.

"Oh, here we go again..." -when entering combat

"Now that is hardly Marquis Of Queensbury rules, is it?" -When attacked with anything other than unarmed weapons



Robots in the Fallout games

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