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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

The Mist Dragon (ミストドラゴン Misuto Doragon) is a summon that has only appeared in one game in the main series, but has also appeared in several spin-offs.




Final Fantasy IV

For the enemy page, see Mist Dragon (Final Fantasy IV).
Mist Dragon as it appeared in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV
Rydia summons the Mist Dragon

The Mist Dragon's first appearance was small, but nonetheless vital. It guarded the Mist Cave leading to Mist, and was summoned by Rydia's mother. When Cecil and Kain slew the Dragon, Rydia's mother died as well. When they confronted Rydia shortly after, it was this revelation, as well as the King's manipulations of them, that convinced them to rebel against his orders.

Mist Dragon in a full motion video.

Later, when Golbez summons the Shadow Dragon to kill Cecil and his friends at the Dwarven Castle, Rydia, now matured to a young woman, intervenes and summons the Mist Dragon, which uses Radiant Breath to kill the Shadow Dragon and leave Golbez open to the party's attacks. From that point on, the Dragon can be summoned freely in battle by Rydia. It costs 20 MP to summon, and does damage based on Rydia's current HP - the more HP she has, the more damage it does.

The Advance release adds in Rydia's "lunar trial", based on her summons. Her trial within the Lunar Ruins involves her reverting to child form and having to fight four of her summons, then fighting the Lunar Dragon, a powered up Mist Dragon. Killing it earns the Mist Ring, increasing the damage done by the Mist Dragon summon and adding a Blink effect to the party when called.

In the Nintendo DS release Mist Dragon now follows the original Amano design. In the new release its non-elemental form was changed to the Light element and its attack Mist Breath was renamed as Radiant Breath. In addition, its summoning cost is now 35 MP.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

The Mist Dragon is a water element card, and has six cards under its name.

Mist Dragon
#061 * Blue
Defend None Attack None
Mist Breath
Deal 2 damage and causes silence.
Mist Dragon
#062 * Blue
Defend None Defend None
Billowing Mist

Restore 2 HP for each * in your CP gauge.

Mist Dragon
#063 * Blue
None None Attack None
Aqua Breath
Crystal Ability (**)

Deal 3 damage and removes all statues ailments.

Mist Dragon
#064 *** Blue
None None Attack None
Aqua Breath+
Crystal Ability (***)

Deal 2 damage and restore 5 HP for each * in your CP gauge.

Mist Dragon
#065 * Blue
Defend Defend None None
Ice Bind
Deal 2 damage and causes Freeze.
Mist Dragon
#066 *** Blue
Defend Defend None None
Ice Bind+
Deal 2 damage.

CP Drain

Steal 2 of opponent's * and charge your CP gauge.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

Makenshi's Sword Dragon

The Mist Dragon also appears as a summon in the anime, Final Fantasy: Unlimited as Sword Dragon, the trademark summon of Makenshi. Makenshi has various methods of summoning the Sword Dragon to his aid, all involving him throwing a bottle of mist into the air and striking at it vertically with his sword. This summon is one of the few things that can battle Gun Dragon.

  • "Embraced by the magical tune played by mist. Now sleep! Silver Etude!": Sword Dragon charges a opponent, running him through.
  • "Pure White Requiem!": Makenshi assumes the Sword Dragon form to battle Madoushi in "Madoushi: The Battle of Kiri and Kumo." This form of the Sword Dragon is able to direct a burst of white energy at its opponent.
  • "Symphony of the White Cloud": The ultimate attack. Makenshi turns himself into mist to become Sword Dragon, he first used it to fight Chaos Gun Dragon/Kaze in the first episode. He used it in the finale to enter Chaos Tyrant's body, holding it at bay as it mutated into "Chaos Sword Dragon" so Kaze could kill the Earl.

Makenshi's brother, Madoushi, is also capable of assuming a Mist Dragon form and does so using "Pure Red Requiem!" Like Makenshi's Pure White Requiem form, this Mist Dragon produces a powerful burst of energy.


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