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The Mist Continent is plagued by Mist
The Mist Continent is a location in Final Fantasy IX. It is the first continent players encounter, and is home to several locations important for the game. It takes its name from its thick blanket of Mist which blocks out sunlight at lower elevations.

The Mist that covers the land is the power source for the majority of airships; only recently has Lindblum developed steam engines. The Mist is also known to spawn dangerous monsters. The Mist is discharged through the roots of the giant Iifa Tree on the Outer Continent.

The three nations are linked on both lower and higher levels, below and above the Mist. North Gate lies between Alexandria and Burmecia, South Gate between Alexandria and Lindblum, and Gizamaluke's Grotto between Lindblum and Burmecia. Most of the locations in Final Fantasy IX are on this continent, as it is the most populous. This is also why the Iifa Tree predominantly discharges Mist on this continent, as it stimulates the fighting spirit to trigger wars.

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Later in the game, towards the end of Disc 2, the party defeats the SoulCage in the Iifa Tree, and the blanket of Mist covering the continent dissipates. This renders almost all airships useless until the Mist returns worldwide at the start of Disc 4.

Mist Continent locations

The Map of the Mist Continent given to Zidane by Blank.

Enemy formations


Alexandria Plateau

Bentini Heights

Byan Heights

  • Carve Spider x2
  • Carve Spider, Python x2
  • Python x3

Daines-horse Basin

Edgecry Coast

Eesistein Coast

  • Axe Beak x2

Eunorus Plains

  • Serpion x2
  • Vice
  • Vice x2
  • Hedgehog Pie
  • Hedgehog Pie x2
  • Ladybug x2
  • Ladybug x3
  • Ladybug x4
  • Hedgehog Pie, Ladybug x2

Gunitas Basin

Eleanor Coast

Lachenta Wetlands

Lindblum Plateau

King Ed Plains

Makiki Beach

Melda Plains

Metalark Shores

  • Serpion

Nolrich Heights

  • Mu (Friendly)
  • Carve Spider
  • Carve Spier x2
  • Carve Spider, Python x2
  • Python x3

Nolrich Shores

Normarania Beach

  • Serpion x2
  • Vice
  • Vice x2

Popos Heights

Togull Beach

Tohunda Shores

  • Vice x2
  • Serpion
  • Serpion x2

Vube Desert

Zamo Basin

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