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Mist on the overworld in the DS version.
Mist in the DS version.

Mist (ミストのむら, Misuto no mura, lit. "Village of Mist") is a town in the games Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is a small village located in a valley north of Baron and southwest of Damcyan. It is a town inhabited by a Summoner tribe, and is thus Rydia's hometown.



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Mist's destruction in the Mobile version

Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind were ordered by the King of Baron to deliver the Carnelian Signet here. On the way, they had to fight through the Mist Cave and defeat the village's guardian, the Mist Dragon. As a result, Rydia's mother, who had summoned the dragon, died just as her summon did.

Upon Cecil and Kain's arrival at Mist, the package opened by itself, and Bombs were released into the village, setting it on fire and killing most of the highly trained Summoners. While the village burned to the ground the two found Rydia clutching her mother's corpse in shock. Overhearing how they slew the Mist Dragon, Rydia correctly accused Cecil and Kain of murdering her mother. Kain then half-heatedly suggested killing her as he had surmised that the King of Baron must have wanted the Summoners dead. Cecil urges his friend to reconsider and the two decide to fight back against Baron, no matter the cost. Concerned for the girl's safety, Cecil offered to take Rydia with them, but she vehemently refused. When the soldiers pressed her she summoned forth Titan, who caused a massive earthquake that separated Cecil and Kain and caused a massive landslide that would block off the Mist Valley.

During the game's ending, Rydia is seen restoring Mist with the support of her friends, seventeen years later in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.


Mist, the village of Summoners.
Mist on the World Map.

(Note: These items cannot be obtained on the first visit, and Mist cannot be revisited until the Devil's Road is unlocked.)


(Note: These shops cannot be reached on the first visit, and Mist cannot be revisited until the Devil's Road is unlocked.)

50 gil/night
Weapon SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Whip 3,000 gil 3,000 gil 3,000 gil
Dancing Dagger 5,000 gil 5,000 gil 5,000 gil
Armor SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Bard's Tunic 700 gil 70 gil 700 gil

Enemy formations


Final Fantasy IV

In town

Girl, Titan Girl, Titan Girl, Titan Girl, Titan


SandMan x4 Sand Man x4 Desert Sahagin x4 Floating Eye x3
SandMan x2, Sandpede Sand Man x2, Sandpede Desert Sahagin x2, Hundlegs Floating Eye x2, Sword Rat
Larva x2, SandMoth x2 Insectus x2, SandMoth x2 Insectus x2, Flying Eyes x2 Helldiver x4
Imp x4 Imp x4 Goblin x4 Goblin x4
Sand Worm Sand Worm Sand Worm Goblin x3, Sword Rat

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years



The background music that plays in Mist during Cecil and Kain's first visit to it is "Ring of Bomb", while the track that plays in the town after this event is Final Fantasy IV's "Town Theme".


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