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This is a list of all missions in Grand Theft Auto III, sorted by island and mission-giver.

Portland Story Missions

The Introduction

  • Introduction: Cutscenes depicting Catalina's betrayal of Claude and Claude's escape with 8-Ball.
  • Give Me Liberty: Go to Luigi's club with 8-Ball.

Luigi Goterelli

Joey Leone

Toni Cipriani

Salvatore Leone


Staunton Island Story Missions

Asuka Kasen

Kenji Kasen

  • Kanbu Bust-out: Break a high ranked yakuza member out of jail.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Bring three sport cars to a garage in six minutes.
  • Deal Steal: Ambush a deal between the Cartel and the yardies.
  • Shima: Collect the briefcases of protection money.
  • Smack Down: Kill as many yardie dealers as possible.

Ray Machowski

Donald Love

Asuka Kasen

  • Bait: Lead three Colombian death squads into a trap.
  • Espresso-2-Go!: Destroy nine espresso stands.
  • S.A.M.: Blow up a Dodo with a rocket launcher and bring the packages to Asuka.
  • Ransom: Asuka is killed, Maria is kidnapped by the Cartel and you find a letter left by Catalina.

Shoreside Vale Story Missions


Phone Missions

Marty Chonks

  • The Crook: Bring a bank manager to the dog food factory and crush the evidence.
  • The Thieves: Bring two thieves to the food factory and respray Marty's car.
  • The Wife: Bring Marty's wife to the food factory and and dump the car into the sea.
  • Her Lover: Bring Carl to the food factory.

El Burro

  • Turismo: Win a street race.
  • I Scream, You Scream: Arm an ice cream car with a bomb and blow up a group of gang members.
  • Trial By Fire: Burn twenty-five triads in two minutes.
  • Big 'N Veiny: Pick up some magazines and take them to XXXMags in Red Light District.

King Courtney


  • Uzi Money: Drive-by and kill 25 Purple Nines in two minutes.
  • Toyminator: Destroy three gang cars with an RC Bandit.
  • Rigged to Blow: Bring an armed car to a garage before it explodes.
  • Bullion Run: Pick up as many bullion as possible and take it to a garage.
  • Rumble: Kill some Purple Nines using melee weapons.

Off-Road Missions

Remote Controlled Vehicle Missions

  • Diablo Destruction: Destroy as many Diablo Stallions as possible with an RC car.
  • Mafia Massacre: Destroy as many Mafia Sentinels as possible with an RC car.
  • Casino Calamity: Destroy as many Yakuza Stingers as possible with an RC car.
  • Rumpo Rampage: Destroy as many Hoods Rumpo XLs as possible with an RC car.

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