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Chapter Three


Protect Besaid Temple!

Fiends have appeared deep within the temple where Yuna first trained. Get rid of them before Beclem sets fire to the entire place!

  • Objective: Purge the fiends from the temple
  • Unlock: Becomes available at beginning of Chapter Three.
  • Reward: NA

Pest control

Restore order by stamping out the fiends coming from Kilika Temple!

No way Djose

Eliminate the fiends that have appeared inside Djose Temple! Be careful, though. These fiends aren't to be taken lightly.

  • Objective: Liberate the temple.
  • Unlock: Becomes available when the party returns to the Celsius after they hand over the 'Awesome Sphere'.
  • Reward: Unwavering Guard, Crimson Sphere 2 and Crimson Sphere 3.

Non Compulsory Missions

Machina mayhem!

The machina deployed along the Mi'ihen Highroad have started attacking innocent people. Take out the misbehaving machina and restore peace to the Highroad!

  • Objective: Incapacitate 13 tandems of machina.
  • Unlock: Becomes available at the beginning of Chapter Three.
  • Reward: Undying Storm, 10,000 Gil.

Secure the Agency!

Rout the fiends that have attacked the Travel Agency! There's no time to heal between battles, so you'll just have to withstand them all!

Tourist trap

Rescue the tourists who didn't make it out of the cave! They hold the key to unlocking its secrets.

  • Objective: Save the tourists from the fiends.
  • Unlock: Becomes available at the beginning of Chapter Three.
  • Reward: Besaid Key, Energy Core, Tetra Master, Star Bracer

Battle blockade

Garik, in his hatred of the Guado, has decided to launch an attack! Meet him on the summit of Mt. Gagazet and stop him - by force, if that's what it takes.

  • Objective: Stop Garik's attack.
  • Unlock: Becomes available at the beginning of Chapter Three.
  • Reward: Wishbringer.

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