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This article is about Mace Windu's mission to persuade Jedi dissidents to aid the Republic. You may be looking for Brenn Tantor's rescue of Beri Tulon.

Battle of Pengalan IV

Mission to Ruul

Clone Wars


Investigate reports of defecting Jedi


21.75 BBY (13:8)




Sora Bulq is revealed to have turned to the dark side and joined the Separatists.


Jedi Order

Dark Acolytes

  • Mira
  • Rhad Tarn (proselytized)

Rhad Tarn

"A trap, this meeting could be."
"Possibly. We cannot afford a schism, however. Whatever the risk, I must go. The galaxy is dangerous enough as it is."
Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu discussing the mission.

Investigating reports of defecting Jedi, Mace Windu headed on a Mission to Ruul.



"What is their condition?
Only on who can speak for the whole Council should attend. Specifically, they want you, Master Windu.
―Mace Windu and Quinlan Vos discussing the mission.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Lianna, the Jedi present; Yoda and Mace Windu; received a report from Tholme and Quinlan Vos regarding dissident Jedi who had refused to participate in the Clone Wars. The four leaders of the dissidents; Sian Jeisel, K'Kruhk, Rhad Tarn and Mira; had been united by Sora Bulq and had gathered on Ruul at Bulq's deteriorating family estate. They agreed to a meeting, but requested the presence of one of the Council members who could speak for the entire body, specifically Mace Windu. Windu decided to go.

Quinlan Vos utilizing a Vaapad maneuver during his sparring match with Mace Windu.
"Form VII is very aggressive, Quin. It can take the user very close to the Dark Side. And you, frankly, sometimes walk too close there as it is. It is not something you should attempt."
"I didn't know. I won't use it again.
―Mace Windu instructs Quinlan Vos on the true the nature of the Vaapad maneuver utilized by the latter.

During the presentation of the report, Windu and Quinlan Vos engaged in a sparring match. However, towards the end of the mock duel, Windu advised Vos not to hold back. This spurred Vos to unleash a vicious maneuver that Windu recognized as a Vaapad technique, prompting him to bring a quick end to the sparring session. When questioned about it, Vos claimed it was a maneuver taught to him by Sora Bulq during his retraining, although Bulq said nothing about Vaapad.

Before Windu left for Ruul, Yoda advised him to look at Bulq with a 'child's eye', free from preconception. Windu agreed to meditate on this.

The Mission

"This potential schism concerns me more-as do you. Why did you not come to me and talk."
―Mace Windu

The Meeting

Mace Windu arrived on Ruul at night two days later, and was greeted by Sora Bulq, who claimed he had joined the dissidents out of grief over the death of so many Jedi at the battle of Geonosis, feeling that the preservation of the Republic was not worth their deaths. However, he stated that he had not made up his mind one way or the other, and said he would simply listen and meditate. When questioned by Windu about Quinlan Vos' knowledge of Vaapad, Bulq claimed he had trained Vos in the basics of Vaapad as a test, and when Vos passed it, Bulq went no further.

K'Kruhk meditating under the waterfall.

Windu shortly met with K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel, the former meditating under a waterfall, the latter clearing a path the main house of the estate with her lightsaber. They were shortly joined by Bulq, who was accompanied by Rhad Tarn and his former padawan, Mira. As they began their meeting, Rhad Tarn quickly took the extremist position, advocating that the Jedi join the Confederacy, whereas Mira claimed the middle ground, favoring diplomacy. When questioned about his position, Bulq quietly sided with Tarn, in contradiction of his earlier statements to Windu.

As the meeting adjourned, the Jedi departed to rest and meditate, while Windu followed Bulq to the main house, questioning him about his change of position. Bulq simply said that his mind and his heart were full and went to walk the paths of the estate to think. Bidding Windu good night, he departed.

Assassin and Tragedy

The 'duel' between Asajj Ventress and Sora Bulq.
"Sora Bulq. I bring you greetings from Count Dooku."
―Asajj Ventress

As he strolled about the estate, Bulq was suddenly ambushed by Asajj Ventress. While the two fought, Mira spoke with Jeisel before strolling about herself, saying she felt uneasy. As she walked about, she stumbled upon the battle between Ventress and Bulq, just in time to see Bulq brought down by a light cut to the throat. Calling out to the other Jedi, she attacked Ventress, telekinetically hurling a flurry of rocks at the Dark Jedi as she leapt at her. Ventress easily held off Mira, and delivered a mortal wound to the Jedi even as Bulq warned her to flee.

With that, the other Jedi arrived and attacked Ventress, though the Dark Jedi easily held off their assault. When Mace arrived and demanded Ventress' identity, Ventress broke off from the duel and replied I am your humble servant, Mace Windu. I trust you’re pleased. She promptly disappeared, her task of confusing the Jedi accomplished. Rhad Tarn quickly accused Windu of having brought the assassin with him, as no ship can land on Bulq's estate without Bulq being aware of it, and Windu's ship was the last to arrive. Windu denied this and left to find and deal with the assassin.

After Windu left, Rhad remained convinced that the assassin was in league with Windu and followed the Jedi master, hoping to find proof of this. As Rhad ran off in pursuit, Bulq told K'Kruhk and Jeisel to follow him while he took Mira's body back to the house.

During his search for Ventress, Windu found the Dark Jedi's ship, and had a sudden realization. After the Jedi master departed, Rhad stumbled upon the scene.


"Show yourselves! I can feel you near!
How perceptive. You show promise.
―Asajj Ventress revealing herself to Rhad Tarn.

Demanding that Ventress reveal herself, the Dark Jedi obliged, attacking Rhad. As they battled, Ventress taunted and goaded the young Jedi, causing the already fiery Jedi to become consumed with rage, blinding his reason. Ventress took advantage of this and encouraged Rhad to call on his rage, managing to turn the Jedi to the dark side of the Force. When asked to join Ventress, Rhad extinguished his lightsaber and accepted.

With that, Jeisel and K'Kruhk arrived, pleading with Rhad not to listen to her, but it was too late. Stating that he was not weak and would not be a Republic pawn, Rhad reignited his lightsaber and attacked them alongside Ventress.


"Tell me, Sora. When did you go over to the Dark Side?
I was long fascinated by it. Our work on Vaapad-my own secret researches into it-fascinated me more.
―Sora Bulq confirming Mace Windu's accusations.

Meanwhile, Bulq arrived at the main house, laying Mira's body on a stone slab and apologizing to her inert form. Suddenly he was confronted by Mace Windu. Windu revealed that he had realized that Bulq was in league with Ventress, as no ship could land on Bulq's estate without him being aware of it, so Bulq had to know about Ventress' ship. Windu went on and mentioned Bulq's change of opinion during the meeting and stated that by looking at Sora Bulq with a 'child's eyes', he realized that Bulq had turned to the Dark Side.

Sora Bulq brandishing his lightsabers before Mace Windu.

Bulq didn't deny it, and the two produced their lightsabers. Bulq revealed that during their development of Vaapad, he had become fascinated by the Dark Side and had secretly delved into it. He also revealed that after the Battle of Geonosis, which had disgusted Bulq, he was approached by Dooku. Stating that the Sith Lord had shown him that the Republic would only change if the Jedi made that change, i.e, took over the Republic. He planned on using the dissident Jedi to start a schism and get more Jedi to join the Confederacy. But Windu's revelation had resulted in a change of plan.

Sora Bulq, now revealed to be a Confederate agent, battles Mace Windu.

Now Bulq planned on killing all the Jedi in addition to Windu and claim that Windu attempted to kill them. Because of his influence in the Order, many Jedi would believe him and he would still get his schism. Windu quickly pointed out that he was not dead yet. Bulq simply said that this would be soon corrected and attacked his former friend. As the two engaged in a frenzy of Vaapad fueled swordplay, Windu stated that it was a mistake to expose Bulq to Vaapad. Bulq countered with his belief that he had perfected Vaapad, harnessing all that was inherent in it. Believing himself to be a master of the style, Bulq believed that Windu could not defeat him, just as the other Jedi could not defeat Asajj Ventress.

This is what I choose

Sian killing Rhad.
"Rhad, I don't know what she did to you, but... come back. Don't walk this path, don't make me...
Make you do what, Devaronian? Die? This is what I choose-including killing you.
―Sian Jeisel pleading with the fallen Rhad Tarn.

Sadly, Bulq's prediction seemed to be coming true; with Rhad Tarn's aid, Ventress was easily holding off the Jedi. While Ventress battled K'Kruhk, Jeisel was viciously driven back by an enraged Tarn, despite her pleas. Tarn seemingly defeated Jeisel with a massive Force Push, disarming the hapless Devaronian. Stating that he had chosen his path, just as he has chosen to kill her, Rhad brought his lightsaber to Jeisel's throat and prepared to finish her. Suddenly Jeisel retrieved her lightsaber and ignited it into Rhad's torso, bringing the fallen Jedi's life to a tragic close.

As Jeisel finished Rhad, K'Kruhk and Ventress fought. As K'Kruhk stated his desire to spare Ventress' life, the Dark Jedi scoffed at it, bringing the Whiphid down by slamming her lightsaber hilt across his head.

As they fought, Bulq and Windu felt the death and pain, prompting Bulq to state that with their inevitable deaths, it didn't matter which of them won, Windu had ultimately lost. Windu agreed with this, and brought a swift end to their duel, slamming Bulq against the wall and causing a number of rocks to fall on the surprised duelist. Windu quickly departed to save the others.

Fight and Flight

Mace Windu attacks Asajj Ventress.
"Away, assassin!"
"Powerful... I have desired this, Mace Windu. There is no challenge in the others. More than them, I want you dead!
―Mace Windu attacking Asajj Ventress.

As Windu made his way there, Jeisel attacked Ventress, attempting to save K'Kruhk. However, Ventress easily fended off her attack, kicking the Jedi aside. Turning to K'Kruhk, she raised her blade to finish him. However, at that moment, Windu arrived, attacking Ventress, prompting the Dark Jedi to join her twin lightsabers into a double-bladed lightsaber. However, despite her skill with the weapon, she was unable to compete with Windu. Driven to the cliff edge, she turned and leapt off it... onto the back of a hovering droid that spirited her away.

As K'Kruhk and Jeisel regained their feet, Windu explained that Bulq was in league with Ventress, their earlier fight being a sham. Their skepticism was quickly erased when they were attacked by Sora Bulq's droids. Fighting their way to Windu's ship, the survivors made their escape.


"Whatever your choice, we on the Council will honor it so long as it does not lead you to the dark side. There can be no schism if we keep our hearts and minds open to one another. We are all one in the Force."
―Mace Windu

After they escaped, Windu resolved to speak with the dissident Jedi represented by K'Kruhk, Jeisel, Tarn and Mira, and let them know the truth, and warn them about the danger posed by Sora Bulq. After that, Windu said the dissident Jedi could make their own choice on the matter.

K'Kruhk decided to return to the temple, and stated that he would encourage others to do the same. Believing Sora Bulq to be evil, he saw that which Bulq served to be evil, so it must be opposed.

Sian Jeisel remained unsure of what to do, saying she would not join the Separatists, after what Bulq had done, but still held objections against the Republic.

With the failure of his scheme to discredit Mace Windu, and his subsequent loss of cover, Sora Bulq lost his potential as a double-agent. His retraining of Quinlan Vos was also called into question. However, the Separatists gained a fully capable new minion.


  • Jedi: Mace Windu


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