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Battle of Arkania


Battle of Talfaglio

Mission to Myrkr

Yuuzhan Vong War


27 ABY


Baanu Rass


Pyrrhic victory for the Jedi

  • Many Warriors, Shapers and voxyn
  • Both ships destroyed
"I witnessed the death of perhaps the greatest of them all, the one called Anakin Solo, who gave up his life so that the ones he loved might live."
Yu'shaa to the Shamed Ones

Coinciding with the Fall of Coruscant, the Mission to Myrkr was one of the greatest New Republic losses during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


The mission

"This isn't a mission, it's a sacrifice."
Han Solo

The Yuuzhan Vong War continued to rage as worlds began to fall one by one, and with the birth of his son, Ben, Luke Skywalker was determined more than ever to drive back the aliens. After the discovery of the Jedi-killing voxyn, several Jedi were assigned to destroy the cloning facility at Myrkr, including the Solo children, Anakin, Jacen and Jaina, and their friends Tenel Ka, Tahiri Veila, and Zekk.

Lando Calrissian and Tendra Risant Calrissian pretended to be Yuuzhan Vong sympathizers from Talfaglio, a planet under Yuuzhan Vong blockade. They delivered the seventeen Jedi to a rendezvous point with the Yuuzhan Vong scout ship Exquisite Death, which delivered the team through the heavily mined Vong frontier to Myrkr. During their captivity, the Jedi were badly injured by Vong torture, and one, Ulaha Kore, almost died. Hoping to elevate himself in the eyes of his superiors by employing voxyn to torture the Jedi one by one, the Yuuzhan Vong commander Duman Yaght showed particular sadism against the Jedi by repeatedly inflicting pain upon the already injured Ulaha, and by forcing Jaina Solo to choose which of her brothers was tortured. The resulting injuries ranged from bruises, burns, and cuts to more severe injuries. Using a technique called Force Meld, the Jedi managed to survive. They then turned on their captors, and secured the ship in hyperspace with the help of two of Lando's YVH droids, who helped them destroy all the Yuuzhan Vong warriors and voxyn onboard.

The Solo children fighting voxyn.

On arrival in the Myrkr system, several Vong ships, led by Nom Anor and Vergere on Ksstarr, pursued the Jedi frigate. Ulaha sacrificed her life to allow the Jedi strike team to land on the worldship, Baanu Rass, and led the enemy away while Anakin's force entered the ship. Ulaha perished soon after the Jedi were offloaded. Following their entrance into Baanu Rass, the Jedi encountered a Nightsister, Lomi Plo, and her apprentice, Welk. They agreed to assist the Jedi in finding the voxyn queen in return for safety and protection.

Under Anakin's leadership, the team avoided a trap in a slave city and onboard a captured AT-AT walker, a home to an insect nest. Nom Anor and Vergere relentlessly pursued the group towards the voxyn queen's lair throughout the journey; however, after the encounter in the slave city, Anakin's spleen was ruptured after rashly rescuing his sister. The remaining mission was spent in an attempt to stay away from the Yuuzhan Vong long enough for Anakin to go into a healing trance, as he refused the team to stop the mission because of his wounds. Not long afterward, the Jedi reached an arena-like area nearby the Shaper damutek where the queen hid from them.

Anakin at the time of his death in 27 ABY.

As they neared the arena, they found a freighter, Tachyon Flier, which they attempted to repair as a means of escape. While Lowbacca repaired the crashed ship, Raynar Thul recovered from his recent injuries. Lomi Plo and Welk showed their true colors by stealing the ship with Raynar on it and flying off into the Unknown Regions.

In an effort to complete the mission, the team continued. In a rearguard action, a severely wounded Anakin fought many Yuuzhan Vong as a means of allowing the team enough time to escape. He also levitated a thermal detonator to destroy the remaining voxyn tissue, which prevented the further creation of the Jedi-hunting creatures. Moments before his death, Anakin became a blinding pillar of light as he became one with the Force. Jaina, blinded by her grief, drifted into the dark side of the Force in order to retrieve Anakin's body. After killing the queen, Jacen, assisted by Vergere, was captured by Nom Anor. Unable to return to the worldship, Jaina, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Tahiri Veila, Tesar Sebatyne, Alema Rar, Ganner Rhysode, Tekli, and Lowbacca flew away from Myrkr on Ksstarr.


After Anakin's death, Jaina continued to wrestle with the dark side, and Tahiri, who had been romantically involved with Anakin, was sent to depths of despair. Jacen faced the Embrace of Pain in the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, though he was thought to be dead by everyone except his mother. Due to the heavy losses that came with the mission's bittersweet victory, the Solo family went into a deep depression. Luke Skywalker himself bitterly regretted not going along with the team to ensure a safe success and the guilt remained with him for many years afterwards.

Just after getting elected Chief of State, one of Cal Omas's first priorities was to organize a ceremony where the survivors of the mission were knighted, and the dead were honored.

Five years after the war's end, the Dark Jedi, including Raynar, started the Dark Nest Crisis. Due to the excessive use of the mind meld that was employed throughout the previous years, the survivors, with an exception of Jacen and Tenel Ka, were easily converted into Joiners. Jacen and Tenel Ka had a child, Allana, and fell in love.

In 40 ABY, Jacen turned to the dark side and went under the tutelage of Lumiya. Through Lumiya, Jacen discovered that Vergere had been a Sith. Alema Rar, who was presumed dead four years earlier, reappeared and went after Jacen's family primarily targeting his mother Leia Organa Solo.



Strike Team

Main article: Myrkr strike team

Yuuzhan Vong

Behind the scenes

In The New Essential Chronology, it is repeatedly—and mistakenly—referred to as the 'Mission to Wayland'.



Yuuzhan Vong War
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