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Series: The Original Series
Author(s): Mack Reynolds
Publication information
Published: 1968
Pages: 210
ISBN: 067102812X
Date: 2267
Stardate: 3475.3


Introduction (blurb)

While exploring a new star system, NGC 434, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise find themselves in an adventure, from one planet to another.

They enlist the help of Grang, a local from NGC 434 to guide them through the system, all while attempting to find the runaway mouse "Mickey" on the Enterprise.


At the time of the story, Enterprise is due to return for a shore leave from a prolonged mission. The crew is beginning to get upset and prone to an outbreak of space cafard—a disease that is contagious and often deadly. The supplies and food are running low. However, the ship is unexpectedly diverted, instructed to pick up emergency supplies and to head to a remote section of space where Captain Kirk is to follow secret orders.

The ship is ordered to go to the distant Horatius system populated by anti-Federation colonists to check on a distress call. Upon arrival, the crew starts checking all three planets in the system. The first one, Neolithia, is the world free of modern technology and so low on development scale that its stone-age population is not even capable of sending a distress signal. The second one, Mythra, is a world populated by religious zealots and has normal radio level technology, but denies sending a distress signal. Both planets, however, report attacks by misterious "space raiders" who kidnap citizens and wreak havoc. Kirk decides to help, hopefully without breaking the General Order Number One, and is joined by Grang, a resident of Neolithia.

The Enterprise heads towards the third planet in the system, Bavarya, which turns out to be a technologically advanced world with unusually large population.

In the meantime, Dr. McCoy is trying to prevent an outbreak of space cafard. Also, Sulu's pet rat, "Mickey", escapes, and is seen as a possible carrier of bubonic plague.




AkrumbaDoris AtkinsChangPavel A. ChekovChristine ChapelDelvinDePaulDickJerry FreemanGrang of the Wolf clanJodlKellumJames T. KirkMasarykLeonard McCoyMickeyMuel of the Shaman clanMullerPetersonJanice RandMontgomery ScottShickle (Doppelgänger)Anna ShickleSpockStuartHikaru SuluTaylorThomkinsNyota UhuraWarren
Referenced only 
Julius CaesarHoratius CoclesBaalHomerJesus of NazarethLaikaLuciferMaripolNoahChristopher PikeLars PorsenaSarekShickle

Starships and vehicles

USS EnterpriseWestmoreland


Garden of EdenUltimate
Stellar locations
Milky Way GalaxyNGC 400Horatian systemNGC 434
Planetary bodies
BavaryaEarthMarsMythraNeolithiaProxima CentauriVenusVishnuVulcan
Planetary locations
AsiaEuropeGreat BritainJapanJerichoKansasNational Park of KyotoNew EnglandRomeTiber River
Space Station K-8Starbase 12Starfleet Command Center

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Clan ShamanClan WolfCouncil of PatriarchsKlingon EmpirePlanetary Defense CommandRomulan ConfederationStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States of AmericaUnited Temple


1001 Popular Games Down Through the CenturiesAmerican Civil Waranodyneantelope • argon • aspirinBavaryan wineboomerangboxingBubonic plaguebuffaloByzantinecanastacatCheshire catChinesechlorinechurl • coal • Code Duello of BavaryacoffeeColosseumconfinement syndromecoupdeflector shieldDoppelgängerdogdrumelkESPEarth basicEtruscanExplorer 1 • feudalism • fleaForbidden RoomsGeneral Order Number Onegin rummy • gladiator • godsgoose • Gothic • Greekguitar • hallucinogen • Herr-elitehorseIndianjudokaratekatakenpōkilt • krypton • LSD • Middle Ages • mile • Nature BoyneonnitrogenOberstoilOld WestOperation Mickeyoxygenparsec • petroleum • phaserPhoenicianpilgrimPing-PongpokerradioratRoman • sandal • ScottishserfslaverySlavicsmogSpace cafardSpace strain • space suit • spearSputnik 1 • Stone Age • super phaserswordtelevision • Teutonic • The Saga of Mickey the Space RattransportertribbleTri-Di showwinewrestlingzombie




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