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Mission to Blenjeel

Mission to Corellia

Galactic Civil War (Disciples of Ragnos crisis)


Investigate cult reports


14 ABY


Coronet City, Corellia


Thwarted Disciples of Ragnos attempt at sabotage


Disciples of Ragnos

New Jedi Order/New Republic




"And then Jan punches the Weequay right in the..."
Kyle Katarn to Jaden Korr, before receiving the distress call

The Mission to Corellia took place in 14 ABY.



Having received reports about cult activity on Corellia, Kyle Katarn and Jaden Korr were sent to Coronet to investigate whether the locals were just being paranoid or whether there was some connection with the Disciples of Ragnos.

The mission

Upon receiving a distress call from a maglev train informing that someone was trying to blow it up, Katarn and Korr learned that mercenaries were boarding the train, using cargo ships as landing vessels. Katarn dropped off Korr on the train to stop it before it crashed into a building, while Katarn himself was to engage the cargo ships in the Raven's Claw.

While trying to get to the locomotive of the train, Korr discovered that it was indeed rigged. Korr managed to disarm the bomb. Korr encountered several mercenaries, including J'aahn, killing them all, and even dueled some Sith Cultists. Eventually, Korr managed to get to the locomotive and stop the train, while Katarn successfully destroyed the mercenaries' cargo ships.

Behind the scenes

Some dialogue on this level identifies J'aahn as a cultist, a reference to Soldier of Fortune, another game by Raven Software. Both games contain an exchange of dialogue which involves characters with the names John and Hawk, and refers to "Station 6C." (This can be confused for 6E) In Jedi Academy, the spelling is changed to "J'aahn" and "Hokk."

In some cases, the lightning in the background weather of the level can hit the player and enemies.


  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
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