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Miss Kitty was a fictional character in the television series Gunsmoke. Neelix was familiar with her establishment, the Long Branch, in Dodge City, Kansas. (ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

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Up to date as of February 02, 2010

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Various (see article text)

Miss Kitty is a purple monster who first appeared as the Frackle with a match in The Great Santa Claus Switch. When he appeared on The Muppet Show, his nose was changed from green to blue, and his eyes were enlarged.

The character was named on his first appearance on The Muppet Show, in the "Cowboy Time" sketch on episode 101. As Rowlf walked through the saloon, he greeted the monster as "Miss Kitty," a reference to saloon girl Kitty Russell from the radio and television Western series Gunsmoke. Despite the name, however, the monster is male, as evidenced by the fact that Miss Kitty only dances with female companions (including a female Blue Frackle) in the At the Dance sketches. He also wears a wig when playing a female role in "All of Me" on episode 108.

Like many Muppet Monsters, Miss Kitty had no consistent performer. His known performers include:

The Miss Kitty puppet was also used as the foundation for Thudge McGerk in episode 119.


Book appearances

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Miss Kitty
race: Human
affiliation: Cat's Paw brothel
role: Owner/proprietor
location: New Reno
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Deliver ten Cat's Paw magazines to Miss Kitty
SPECIAL: 4 ST, 6 PE, 5 EN, 9 CH, 7 IN, 9 AG, 10 LK
derived stats: Armor Class: 9
Hit Points: 40
Action Points: 9
Sequence: 12
Critical chance: 10%
Damage Resistance: 0%
Melee Damage: 1
tag skills: Speech: 75%
Barter: 75%
dialogue file: NcKitty.msg

Miss Kitty is the owner and proprietor of the Cat's Paw brothel, New Reno's premier house of negotiable affection. Despite the close proximity of the Desperado casino, home base of the Mordino crime family, Miss Kitty and the Cat's Paw remain independent.



Kitty is a stunningly beautiful woman, with a bearing that is both professional and businesslike. She aims to keep Cat's Paw at the top of what New Reno has to offer and to this end maintains a very strict work ethic for her girls - no Jet, monthly physicals, special training to supress their physical revulsion... she is also a very caring and compassionate person, even to mentally undeveloped people.

Shrewd Businesswoman

Recognizing that people come to an establishment like hers to have fantasies filled -- or, at the very least, needs met -- Miss Kitty has heard it all and provided services for most of it. She keeps close reins on her business, and makes sure that her establishment can rise to any challenge that may come to the door.

In addition to the building staff, Miss Kitty also employs a hawker who stands on the curb outside and advertises the Cat's Paw services in a highly colorful manner to all passers-by.

Steady Contracts

While the Cat's Paw remains an independent entity under Miss Kitty's guidance, she nevertheless has steady contracts with two of the Reno crime families. Overheard comments from her suggest that in addition to the nearly endless appetites of Mordino family golden boy Myron, the Cat's Paw also provides guests for John Bishop's penthouse parties at the Shark Club.

Avid Collector

Very few in the wasteland know the history of the Cat's Paw. Naturally, one of those few is the owner. Miss Kitty is well aware that her brothel once was a photo studio, and is keen on collecting copies of the magazine produced there.

Interactions with the player character

If the player brings an issue of Cat's Paw to Miss Kitty, she will express interest in acquiring more. If a complete set of ten issues is delivered to Kitty, she will exchange them for a single issue of Cat's Paw Issue No.5, an otherwise unobtainable Energy Weapons skill book.

A Potential Date

Certain dialogue choices can maneuver Miss Kitty into a conditional acceptance of a date with the Chosen One. However, this date has no impact on any element of the game and cannot, in fact, occur before the main plot has been completed. Miss Kitty will freely date the player, however, if they choose to continue playing after completing the game.


Apparel Weapon Other item
Night dress - 132 $
Cosmetics Case


Miss Kitty appears in Fallout 2.

New Reno

This article uses material from the "Miss Kitty" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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