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Misriah Armory.
"Battle tested for your home"
—A slogan from an ad of Misriah Armory

The Misriah Armory is an armory located on the planet Mars.[1] Their logo is a winged hourglass flanked by two double "X"'s usually located on the cartridge base of ammunition.

Many standard-issue UNSC weapons such as the M6C Personal Defense Weapon System, BR55HB SR Battle Rifle and Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Matériel are produced by Misriah armory. While the DTM Series of shotguns were normally produced by the Weapon System Technologies, Misriah apparently produced a variant as well, possibly by license. Civilians were also appearently able to buy military-grade weapons such as the BR55 and the M90, as evidenced by an advertisement of the company.[2]

Misriah Armory currently produces hand-loaded match-grade ammunition for the SRS99D-S2 AM sniper rifle, used by Linda-058 during the Battle of Onyx.[3] They are also responsible for developing the ammunition for the M6 series of pistols for the UNSC. Misriah also produced the Security variant of the MJOLNIR Mark V in 2543.



The name or logo of the company can be seen engraved in most of the weapons it produces. In the The Art of Halo book, it shows a side view of the M6C Magnum Sidearm, which has "Misriah" stamped on the side. [4] The engraving can be seen on the side of the pistol in the Halo 3 Beta and the Halo: Arms Race, Part 1 short as well.


  • The symbol for hand-loaded match-grade 14.5 x 114mm ammunition from Misriah is a winged hourglass head stamp flanked by double "X"s.
  • Misriah shares its name with an organization in the Marathon Universe.[5]
  • The UNSC Laser Designator has a Misriah logo on its stock, a feature retained from its SRS99D-S2 AM roots.
  • Misriah is also mentioned on page 122 of the Halo Graphic Novel, with somebody named golf51979 being mentioned as the head of it.



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