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"Monster with a bull's head and a human body. It draws powerful attacks."

Minotaurs are a family of monsters in Final Fantasy Tactics. They are usually the first rather dangerous enemies encountered in the game, due to their high HP and attack power. They wield pickaxes in battle, which the more advanced Minotaurs are able to extract impressive attacks from. Executing non-KO melee attacks against this class of monster is unwise, because a swift counterattack by the Bull Demon will usually deal a hefty amount of damage. They are of the Earth element and have a weakness to Water.


  • Rank I: Wisenkin (Bull Demon)

The Wisenkin is a greenish color and is usually found in mountainous areas.

  • Rank II: Minotaur (Minitaurus)

The race's original name is rather misleading, as its physique and power are anything but mini.

  • Rank III: Sekhret (Sacred)

The Sekhret's Mimic Titan ability allows it to attack from long range. It can be poached for a very nice polearm, the Holy Lance.


Monster Move Jump Phy. Evasion Rate Move in Water? Common Poach Rare Poach
Wisenkin 3 3 11 No Battle Axe Giant's Axe
Minotaur 3 3 15 No Coral Sword Slasher
Sekhret 3 3 12 No Holy Lance Ivory Pole


Ability Description Wisenkin Minotaur Sekhret Range Effect Vertical
Pickaxe Attacks enemy with a pickaxe. Yes Yes Yes 1 1 2
Feral Spin Attacks enemy by swinging pickaxe. No Yes No Auto 2 1
Beef Up Absorbs energy of the earth, raising physical attack power. No* No Yes Auto 1 N/A
Earthsplitter Attacks enemy by stomping and sending shockwaves. Earth elemental. No No Yes Auto 3 1
Breath Fire Attacks enemy by exhaling fire. Fire elemental. No No* No* 2 (Four directions) 1 Infinite

* Abilities can be learned by this race when a unit with the "Monster Skill" Support Ability is nearby.

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