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Minor Sangheili
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  • Pilots
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  • Lance leaders
Notable members

Covenant, later Covenant Separatists


Minor is a Sangheili rank used by the Covenant and the Covenant Separatists, and the lowest rank for the Sangheili.



Minor Elites are, logically, physically, and pragmatically, the least-experienced Elites; however, they are still skilled warriors and can be considered equal to 2-3 UNSC Marines or a standard ODST. They are somewhat weaker than their crimson-armored superiors. Apart from being the lowest of the Elites' standing hierarchy, they are also weaker than any SPARTAN-II due to their inadequate shields, lesser strength, and frequent tactical mistakes in battle, even occasionally hitting an Unggoy with a missed melee attack. They are still dangerous if not taken care of right away. While leading lances of lower classes of Covenant, these are the best choices of soldiers for a bad situation.

Due to their rank, which seems roughly equivalent to a UNSC Marine Sergeant (compared to an Elite Major being a Lieutenant and a Grunt/Jackal Major being a Corporal), they often lead Lances or small squads of Grunts or Jackals into battle. If one is killed, lower ranked members of the Covenant that accompanied the Elite (especially Grunts) will run off, despite the fact that a Minor Elite is the lowest ranked Elite in the Covenant and is not a very experienced warrior. In fact, Spec-Ops and Ultra Grunts make fewer tactical errors than Elite Minors, despite the fact that Grunts aren't usually too intelligent.


Halo 2's Sangheili Minors can be crack shots with Carbines.

Minors are the most commonly seen on Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 on Easy and Normal difficulties. On Legendary and Heroic, almost none are present. In Halo 3, the only level Minors appear in is The Covenant. Minors are usually found leading Lances of Grunts, but they themselves will likely be led by a Major Domo Elite.

Their armor's energy shields are weak compared to higher-ranking Elites. They often make tactical errors such as standing in the way of an ally's fire, or rushing forward into enemy fire. They will seek less cover, often standing in one spot to fire and strafe less often than their superiors. When they are seriously injured or unshielded, they will also "berserk", yelling a war cry and attempting to melee attack their opponent to death. They also fire in shorter bursts, and have somewhat less accuracy and lower rate of fire. Still, one should not underestimate an Elite of any rank, especially on the Heroic and Legendary difficulty settings. The weapons wielded by minors are usually Plasma Rifles, occasionally dual wielded. Most of the time, Minor Elites will not carry weaponry as powerful as a higher-ranking Elite would. Another common weapon they use is the Needler; though not as often as the Plasma Rifle. They also very rarely have Plasma Pistols (most notably the two dual wielding plasma pistols at the beginning of Cairo Station). They also use Carbines sometimes, but this along with the usage of the Plasma Pistol is fairly rare. A Minor Elite wielding an Energy Sword is strictly forbidden in the Covenant [1]. Only a more seasoned warrior, such as an Ultra, Honor Guard or Zealot, is allowed to use this holy weapon. Despite this, you are able to give a minor Elite an Energy Sword on the levels Uprising and The Great Journey on Halo 2 (perhaps they can on superior's orders). It is also possible to find sword wielding Minors on Easy. They can be found most often on the levels Delta Halo and one can be found wielding an energy sword on level Regret sometimes.

A Minor with a Plasma Rifle.

The best weapons to use against a Minor Elite in Halo: Combat Evolved are the M6D Pistol, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun. On Normal difficulty, it takes six headshots to kill a Minor Elite with the M6D. The Sniper Rifle can kill a Minor Elite with a single headshot, and the shotgun can kill one to two with a single point-blank blast. Another easy way to kill a Minor Elite is with sustained fire from automatic weapons, such as the Plasma Rifle or MA5B Assault Rifle, followed by melee attacks. Firing seven consecutive needles from a Needler is also almost always fatal to the usually stationary Minors.

The easiest way to kill a Minor Elite in Halo 2 is with the Plasma Pistol in conjunction with a BR55 Battle Rifle, Covenant Carbine, or M6C Magnum, SMG, or Sniper Rifle (one head shot kills). The Sniper Rifle is just as effective as in Halo: Combat Evolved, taking a single headshot to kill one; this applies to the Particle Beam Rifle as well. One Beam Rifle shot on Heroic still kills them, although it takes two on Legendary difficulty. The Energy Sword, Shotgun, SMG/Plasma Rifle combo and dual Magnums are also very effective in close-quarters combat. Four bursts from the Battle Rifle to the head on Easy difficulty, and five to six on Normal, can easily dispose of a Minor Elite. They are also not very agile and thus easy to stick with Plasma Grenades.

Also, if you are in close, it is relatively easy to force any Elite to charge and attempt to melee attack you. Before he melees you, it is easy to sidestep, shoot it with a M90 Shotgun (If you have one), or jump over this attack and melee the Elite's back for an instant kill. This tactic is helpful on Legendary difficulty when facing single Elites.

Two Minor elites guard the Silent Cartographer's security control room on Installation 04.

Sometimes Minors are seen driving Ghosts. Showing off considerable intelligence despite their inexperience, Minor Elites will hide when their shields are lowered and will attempt to attack anyone foolish enough to enter into close combat with them with their weapon. However, as they are not a very high Elite rank, they carry standard weaponry such as Plasma Rifles, Needlers and often have Plasma Grenades, but these are rarely used. When stuck by a Plasma grenade on the lower difficulties, they will tend to panic, drop their weapon, and simply stand in one spot. However, on higher difficulty modes such as Heroic and Legendary, they will attempt to charge at the person who threw the grenade in order to take their enemy out with them. This tendency to panic can be used to the player's advantage, allowing the Plasma Grenade to not only take out the Elite, but also any other Covenant units accompanying the Elite. Also on higher difficulties, Elites can dodge and roll out of the way of grenades if they can see them.

On higher difficulties, when they have their shields down and are seeking cover, they sometimes let the player rush their hiding spot and land a killing blow if the player follows them to behind their cover. This should not be attempted without thinking, though, since you could fall prey to Jackal Snipers or other nearby Covenant allies.

Physical Appearance

Minor Elites wear distinctive cobalt-colored body armor in Halo: Combat Evolved and a sky blue in Halo 2. However, on PC Safe Mode, this armor will appear purple. At several points in Halo literature, Elites in purple armor have been described, presumably referring to Minor Elites. They wear aqua blue colored armor in the level Gravemind, this may because they are in High Charity. Minors later in the level take on a purple armor shade. In Halo 3 they either wear a light or dark blue colored armor.


A Minor on Alpha Halo.
Two Minor Elites guarding a Zealot. A typical Minor Elite is often assigned to protect Elites of higher rank.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo 2

Halo 3

Halo 3: ODST

Halo: Reach

Known Minor Elites


  • In Halo 3, Minor Elites are one of five ranks of Elites shown alive in gameplay, the other four being Special Operations Elites, Elite Major, Special Operations Commander Rtas Vadum,and the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam.
  • On the Halo 2 level, Delta Halo, the second Phantom to attack the temple at the start of the level will often drop off a Minor with a sword drawn. This, perhaps an oversight, is the one of the few times a Minor will use a sword. The other exception is when playing as the Arbiter, you will be able to give Minors a sword. Also, in the bonus video Another Day at the Beach, a Minor is seen with a sword, this could be a possible Aristocrat.
  • Since Elite Minors are the lowest rank of the Elites, they are the most likely to shoot you by accident when playing as the Arbiter, especially if firing a Wraith's mortar.
  • In Halo 2, on Legendary, Minor Elites are almost never seen, but two or three may appear with some Majors in Heroic.
  • Minors can be seen driving human vehicles in Halo 3, and rarely in Halo 2.
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, there were two differently shaped variations of helmets. One like the basic more notable Elite helmet and one without back fins and more compact with a resemblance to the Ascetic helmet with an addition of mandibles that are visible. The secondary Elite Minor helmet from Combat Evolved has a striking resemblance to the helmets of the Elites seen in the Halo Wars teaser.
  • On the Halo 2 level Uprising, a dead Minor Elite is shown beside an Energy Sword and it appears that they are meant to be the murdered Councilors.
  • Some Minors can be aristocrats, but only very few, due to their lack of experience.[2]



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  2. Halo 2 level Delta Halo.

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