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Mining and smithing items are used for the mining and smithing skills. Mining procures ores and smithing turns them into weapons or armour. Numbers indicate needed mining or smithing levels.





It's not necessary to wield a pickaxe to use it, but wielding it allows it to be used as a weak weapon and leaves you one more place to carry ore. Level restrictions do apply and it takes level 40 Attack to wield a rune pickaxe. These can be made after the Perils of Ice Mountain quest. A rune pickaxe requires level 90 smithing and grants 150 XP.


These can only be obtained from a respawn in Falador or bought from general stores.

These can be obtained by Mining the ores and Smelting them to make bars, or buy them from the Grand Exchange



Material Level to mine Level to smelt Experience Gained Skills Quests
Clay 1 N/A 5 Mining, Crafting N/A
Rune essence 1 N/A 5 Mining, Runecrafting Rune Mysteries
Copper ore 1 1 17.5 Mining, Smithing N/A
Tin ore 1 1 17.5 Mining, Smithing N/A
Blurite 10 8 17.5 Mining, The Knight's Sword
Limestone 10 N/A 26.5 Mining, Construction, Crafting N/A
Iron ore 15 15 35 Mining, Smithing N/A
Silver ore 20 20 40 Mining, Smithing, Crafting N/A
Elemental ore 20 20 0 Mining, Smithing Elemental Workshop
Coal 30 N/A 50 Mining, Smithing N/A
Pure Essence 30 N/A 5 Mining, Runecrafting Rune Mysteries
Sandstone 35 N/A 60 Mining N/A
Gold ore 40 40 65 Mining, Smithing, Crafting N/A
Obsidian ore 41 N/A 40 Mining TokTz-Ket-Dill
Granite 45 N/A 75 Mining, Crafting, Summoning N/A
Rubium ore 46 N/A 17.5 Mining Kennith's Concerns
Mithril ore 55 50 80 Mining, Smithing N/A
Adamantite ore 70 70 95 Mining, Smithing N/A
Runite ore 85 85 125 Mining, Smithing N/A


Material Level to smelt Experience Gained Ore needed Quests
Bronze bar 1 6.2 1 Tin, 1 Copper N/A
Blurite bar 8 8 1 Blurite The Knight's Sword
Iron bar 15 12.5 1 Iron ore N/A
Elemental bar 20 7.5 1 Elemental ore, 4 Coal Elemental Workshop
Silver bar 20 13.7 1 Silver Ore N/A
Steel bar 30 17.5 1 Iron Ore, 2 Coal N/A
Gold bar 40 22.5 1 Gold ore N/A
Mithril bar 50 30 1 Mithril ore, 4 Coal N/A
Adamantite bar 70 37.5 1 Adamantite ore, 6 Coal N/A
Runite bar 85 50 1 Runite ore, 8 Coal N/A

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