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Both Rydia and Rosa in Mini status.
Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Mini (ミニマム, Minimamu), also known as Size and Small, is a status ailment that shrinks the target. While in Mini status, a player is still able to cast magic, but their physical power drops dramatically, and all attacks do only a single point of damage. Their physical Defense also drops.




Final Fantasy II

Mini causes the target to shrink, and their physical attack power is reduced significantly. There is a chance of recovery at the end of each turn and does not last after battle. It can be cured by Basuna at level 4 or higher. In the NES version, Mini, was essentially an Instant-Kill spell when used on enemies.

Final Fantasy III

The Mini status can be inflicted from the eponymous spell. The party needs to be in Mini status to access some of the dungeons in the game, and a town.

Final Fantasy IV

The Mini spell, along with Bad Breath, are the only ways for Mini to be inflicted upon the party. When inflicted by Mini, the character will deal only 1 damage and will be hit for more damage.

Final Fantasy V

The Blue Magic spell Lilliputian Lyric and the White Magic spell Mini are the only means of inflicting Mini on any character in the game.

Final Fantasy VII

Any character inflicted with the Mini status will automatically have their Attack Power be reduced to 1, therefore never doing more than 1 damage to the enemy.

Game Element Type Effect
Mini Magic Inflicts or cures Mini.
Bad Breath Enemy Skill Inflicts Mini as well as other statuses to all enemies.
L4 Suicide Enemy Skill Reduces HP by 31/32 and inflicts Mini to enemies whose levels are a multiple of 4.
Pale Horse Enemy Attack Inflicts major non-elemental damage as well as Toad, Mini, and Sadness.
Right Revenge Enemy Attack Reduces HP by 15/32 and inflicts Mini and Slow Petrify.
Right Thrust Enemy Attack Reduces HP by 15/16 and inflicts Mini and Slow Petrify.
White Cape Accessory Prevents Toad and Mini.
Shrivel Item Casts Mini.

Final Fantasy IX

Game Element Type Effect
Mini White Magic Inflicts or cures Mini.
Bad Breath Blue Magic Inflicts Mini as well as several other statuses.
Curse Enemy Ability Inflicts massive non-elemental damage, as well as Mini and other statuses.
Grand Cross Enemy Ability Inflicts random statuses to party, including Mini.
Ultra Sound Wave Enemy Ability Inflicts Mini.

Final Fantasy XI

Mini is not a spell that can be cast by players, but those wishing to participate in Ballista or Brenner matches in Abdhaljs have the spell cast upon them so they may enter the arena.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

In the Duel Colosseum, the Mini status card will cause the player's HP not to be restored after battle.


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