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The Minerva Band from Final Fantasy VII.

The Minerva Bustier, also known as Minerva's Plate, Heroine Robe, or just Minerva, is a recurring Light Armor in the Final Fantasy series. Usually, only female party members can wear it.




Final Fantasy IV

Called the Heroine Robe in the US version (called Final Fantasy II), Minerva's Plate can only be equipped by Rosa, Rydia, and Porom. It increases the wearer's Strength, Speed, and Stamina by 15, but decreases her Intelligence and Spirit by the same amount.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Minerva Bustier is dropped after defeating Asura at the True Moon Subterrane, as well as being a drop from Elite Trooper and Selene Guardian. It provides 20 Defense, 5 Magic Defense, 30% Evasion, 5% Magic Evasion, and all of the stat bonuses from the original game. It also prevents Paralyze.

Final Fantasy VI

The Minerva Bustier, translated as Minerva in the original SNES version, can be stolen or dropped by Tonberries, and is found in Kefka's Tower and stolen from Goddess. It can also be won in the Colosseum by betting the Regal Gown. It offers a level of resistance to all forms of elemental attacks, increases MP by 50 percent, and also gives many stat bonuses. Although Relm is female, she cannot equip the Minerva.

Final Fantasy VII

The Minerva Band has above-average defenses and six Materia slots, linked into three pairs. It can be found in the Ancient Forest or stolen from Elena. It nullifies Fire, Ice, Holy, and Gravity-elemental attacks, and can only be equipped by females.

Final Fantasy IX

Minerva's Plate can be equipped by Dagger, Freya, and Eiko. It teaches the abilities Restore HP and High Tide, and provides +34 Defense, +1 Magic Defense and Strength, and +2 Magic.

Final Fantasy X

The Minerva Bangle is one of Lulu's pieces of armor. It must have Break HP Limit as the dominant ability to be named this.

Final Fantasy XII

The Minerva Bustier requires the Light Armor 10 license and can be bought in Balfonheim or stolen from the Foobars in the fight with Cúchulainn. It can be equipped by all party members regardless of the character's gender. It provides +610 HP and +40 Defense.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Minerva Plate can only be equipped by the Viera. It provides a nice Defense boost compared to the other clothing that the Viera can equip, which consist mainly of light garments.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Again, the Minerva Bustier is only equippable to females, and makes them immune to Dark-elemental attacks. It provides +33 Defense and +14 Resistance.

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