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  • Jack E. Anderson's 300,000 pound sculpture Iron Man was a not only a tribute to iron ore miners, but is also the third largest statue in the United States?

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Alchemist [ G / R ]
Farmer [ G / R ]
Lumberjack [ G / R ]
Fisherman [ G / R ]
Hunter [ G / R ]

This profession gathers ore and makes alloys and precious stones. Being a miner is especially useful for all smith professions. Other professions may also use ores, alloys and precious stones but in smaller amounts.



The profession of Miner is a difficult one. You must like darkness and mustn't be afraid of taking on Cracklers armed only with a pick.
This profession is nevertheless rewarding, you can become rich without too much trouble, as long as you work in the good mines.
The essential equipment to the miner is the pick. Take good care of it and don't let it get rusty.
  • Learn the profession of Miner
  • Ask about the pickaxes
Without his pick, a miner is nothing. But remember, the pick doesn't make the miner.
In general, the best picks enable you to defend yourself against the monsters which populate the mines or against prowlers who attack the miners.
If you are looking for a pick, we can come to an arrangement. I'll have a little work for you to do and I will give you a pick if you do a good job.
  • Ask about the job
I need Elm wood to reinforce my mine and prevent it from collapsing.
But I am a poor Lumberjack. The last time I tried to cut down a tree, I walked on an old Treechnid root... It pursued me and laid siege to my mine for about ten days.
If you bring me 10 units of Elm woods, I will give you a miner's pick.
Don't hesitate to call on a Lumberjack if you don't want to lose too much time.
  • Ask where the mines are
There are mines almost everywhere on the mountainsides, but some are practically empty or infested with disreputable monsters. Walk alongside the mountain and you will eventually find the entrances which lead to the different mines in the province of Amakna.



  • Amakna Village (-2,-3)
  • Amakna (-1,5), (0,33), (3,29)
  • Astrub (7,-20)
  • Bonta (-28,-57)
  • Brakmar (-20,33)


See Miner/Recipes.


See Miner/Gathering.


See Miner/Guide

Locations Mines

See mines.


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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Jatizso, Jatizso Mines
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes- The Fremennik Isles
Gender Male
Examine A miner at work.
Notable features Miners working for Jatizso

The Miners are non-interactive characters that are found mining in the Jatizso Mines or wandering around Jatizso. They are very pessimistic and cynical people, having lived in Jatizso for most of their life. Occasionally in the mines, you will see them being attacked by nearby Ice Trolls. They are mainly a nuisance because they mine the ore that players would be mining. But as they are using steel pickaxes, a player using a pickaxe made of mithril or above should have no problem mining the ore first.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Miner referred to a sentient being who worked in the mining trade. Often, the demands of extracting precious ores and gemstones from within the crust and atmospheres of planets, moons or even asteroids required the employment of strong individuals or members of species that were known for their superior strength.


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  • Edge of Victory I: Conquest (Mentioned only)


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