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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

Mindflayers (マインドフレイア Maindofureia), also known as Mindflare, are recurring enemies. Their signature attack is Mind Blast, which tends to cause various status effects and occasionally damage.




Final Fantasy

Main article: Mindflayer (Final Fantasy)

Called Sorcerers or Mindflayers, they serve as a mini-boss early on, before becoming regular enemies.

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Mindflayer (Final Fantasy IV)

Originally localized as Mage. Can be acquired as a summon for Rydia.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Mindflayer (The After Years)

Mindflayers return in this installment and fight in the same manner as in the original Final Fantasy IV. They are fought in several areas in the game, spanning across several tales.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Mindflayer (Final Fantasy V)

Blue Mages can learn Mind Blast from them.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Drakan

Quina can learn Vanish from them.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Soulflayer

Soulflayers are part of the demon ecosystem, said to be the ultimate transformation of a Blue Mage that have succumbed to the "beast within."

Final Fantasy XII

Mindflayer as seen in the bestiary.
Main article: Mindflayer (Final Fantasy XII)

The Mindflayer is a Mark which appears in the Henne Mines. A Garif from the village of Jahara orders this Hunt, since the Garif don't do well against monsters that rely on magic.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Mindflayer (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Three versions appear: Piscodaemons, Squidraken, and Mindflayers.

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