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The location of the mind altar

The mind altar is the Runecrafting altar used to make mind runes from rune or pure essence. A player requires a mind talisman, mind tiara or a Mind talisman staff to gain access to it, and a Runecrafting level of 2 to craft the essence into Mind runes. When one of the aforementioned items is used on the mysterious ruins, players will be teleported to a grey chamber with a checkerboard floor and strange patterns on the walls, where the runes can be crafted. On the minimap, the altar is shaped like a brain, to coincide with the "mind" label. This is not unlike the case involving the shape of the Body altar. If you go to the furthest East point in the altar, You may be able to see the edge of another area, possibly suggesting areas not included in the main area of Gelinior (like the altars) are close together on a separate map.

It is located west of Ice Mountain near the edge of the Wilderness, and is east of the Goblin Village. You may unlock the music Miracle Dance here. The closest bank is in Edgeville, but that path crosses the Wilderness which should not become a problem if you travel along the Wilderness ditch. The second closest bank is in Falador.


The more detailed inside of the Mind Altar. Note the patterns on the walls.
  • If you walk to the eastern-most side of the Mind altar, you can see part of the Air altar. You can see much of it by using the Orb of oculus.
  • If you access the mind altar from the Wilderness, when you enter the Mind temple the "Goblin Village" tune will continue to play.
  • If you look at the designs on the wall they look distinctly like people...
  • The altar is in the shape of a brain.
  • The altar may be the remains of a former Zarosian fortress. A Zarosian symbol made be found south of the altar.

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