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Mind-witches were vampire-like creatures who used Force illusions to fool their victims. It is not known whether this ability was inherent, Force-related or even mystical. These unique near-Humans possessed potent mental abilities which they would use to probe the mind of another beings and see their desires. Once this was done, they developed a relationship with the individual at which point they developed a psychic link with the person. Through this link, they would create illusionary environments which were highly desirable to the individual. This was done with only one purpose in mind; to leech the mental life energies of the person to replenish their own. Though they were usually powerful telepaths, some well skilled mind witches could also develop telekinetic powers.[1]

The only known mind-witch was S'ybll, who tried to seduce Luke Skywalker. However, he was able to break through her illusions and escape. S'ybll died when Luke drew his lightsaber to him and accidentally stabbed her.[1]

Behind the scenes

The concept of Mind-witches bears a resemblance to both Life-witches[2] and Energy vampires.[3]


Notes and references

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