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Mimic, also known as Mime and Copycat, is a command ability that appears in several Final Fantasy games. It usually gives the character using it the ability to copy an ally's previous command. It typically does so without having to pay whatever costs or other requirements that the move may have had, making it very powerful if used right.




Final Fantasy V

Mimic is the main command ability for the Mime class.

Final Fantasy VI

Gogo's special ability is Mimic.

Final Fantasy VII

Equipping the Command Materia Mime gives a character the ability to mimic other character's actions.

Final Fantasy X

The ability Copycat can mimic an ally's previous command. It is located near the start of Lulu's section of the basic Sphere Grid, but a Lv. 4 Key Sphere is needed to access it.

Final Fantasy XI

Colibri may cast any spell cast upon them within the last 30 seconds. They will cast the spell either onto the character who cast upon them or onto the member of the group with the greatest enmity. Abilities cannot be copied, only magic (including songs, ninjutsu, and Blue Magic).

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Mime cannot actually use the mime ability, since it will copy a unit's actions the second it sees them.

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