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"Skilled mimics whop can copy allies' actions perfectly"

The Mime is a job in Final Fantasy V. It is the only secret job class in most releases of the game and has to be found late in the adventure

In the third world, take the submarine and go south of the Phoenix Tower desert, and dive to find the sunken Walse Tower. Enter the tower and reach the bottom within the time limit given to find a shard of the Water Crystal. After defeating Gogo, the Mime class is obtained.


The main cast as Mimes.

The Mime job class looks exactly the same as the Freelancer job class, except that each character wears spaulders and a cape.


  • Job Command - Mimic
  • Innate Abilities - Every innate ability from every job mastered, except the Berserker's Berserk, Necromancer's Undead, and the Equip abilities.
  • Equipment - Knives, Rods, Staffs

Just like the Freelancer job class, the Mime has every innate ability from every job mastered, as well as the stat bonuses, but not penalties (such as the boosted magic of a mage with none of the reduced strength), making it very versatile in the late game. Its ability, Mimic, causes it to repeat the previous action, with no MP consumption; however:

  • Mimicking an item use causes another of that item to be used up
  • Mimicking Animals, Dance, and Terrain will still result in a random action
  • Mimicking Odin will still choose randomly between Gungnir and Zantetsuken
  • Mimicking Zeninage still uses up money
  • The character will mimic commands such as Defend
  • The mimed action is dependent on the mime's stats, not the character they're miming

The mime also has three ability slots. While this may sound impressive, if the character has no ability equipped, it will only have the command Mimic. The player will have to equip the Fight and Item command separately, although a better idea is to equip Dualcast and two magic commands instead. In fact, mime is the best job for spellcasters end-game, since they can equip two sets of spells along with Dualcast instead of one, and for spellcasters the lack of weaponry choice (compared to freelancers), fight command, or item command certainly don't raise much concern. Give them Equip X and Attack command, and they will become battle mimes. The compatible Equip X abilities are:Sword, Harp, Whip, Axe, Lance, Katana, Bow, Ribbon (the mime can't equip them by default).

Level-Up Abilities

Level 1 ability
RPGe Name Mimic
Anthology Name Mime
GBA Name Mimic
AP Required 999
Type Command
Description Mimic an ally's previous action.
Information Lets any job use the Mimic command.


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