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DC Comics

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Cover of Batman #412
Real Name
Camilla Ortin
Current Alias



Base Of Operations
Gotham City


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Camilla Ortin is a girl who commits crimes dressed as a mime. She seldom speaks, which leads people to think she is mute.


enemy of Batman

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Final Fantasy

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Gogo of Final Fantasy VI is a Mime.
For the materia in Final Fantasy VII, see: Command Materia#Mimic

The Mime (ものまね士 Monomaneshi lit. Mimic) is a recurring Job class from the Final Fantasy series.



Mimes rely on copying the abilities of other members of the party, using their trademark Mimic ability. They have no innate abilities of their own however, and thus can be quite difficult to use. The Mime usually behaves eccentrically, and their clothing reflects this peculiar demeanor.



Final Fantasy V

Main article: Mime (Final Fantasy V)

The Mime is a secret Job in Final Fantasy V. In the Third World, if the party ventures to the Sunken Walse Tower, they can achieve the Water Crystal shard that was unachievable earlier on. The Job can use every previously-learned innate ability except for equip abilities, and is otherwise used to mimic the last action of anyone in battle. It is also able to equip three abilities at once.

Final Fantasy VI

Gogo is a secret character based on the Mime Job from Final Fantasy V. Gogo can equip three of the abilities the other party members know, and can use the Mimic command to copy their last action.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Mime (Final Fantasy Tactics)

The Mime has no innate abilities of its own, but it will immediately mimic the actions of any other player unit that moves before it.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Bartz is based on the Mime class as seen in Final Fantasy V: he combines the attacks of his allies into new techniques, and in his EX Mode dons a red cape and has three gold stars over his head, the red cape approximating Bartz's costume while a Mime in Final Fantasy V, and the stars symbolizing mastery over a Job.

In the Duel Colosseum, when selected, the Mime Job card instantly transforms into a random Job card upon entering the Job card selection area.


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Marvel Database

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about the random event and its associated NPC. For the set of clothing, see Mime clothing.
The Mime Random Event
The identities of the three mysterious audience members have never been revealed.
A zoomed in version of the face of the red Strange Watcher.

Mime is a random event in which the Mysterious Old Man suddenly teleports players to the mime artist's stage. The player must copy the mime's actions.

When the player performs enough correct actions, they will be awarded with a Random event gift. If a player rotates the camera to look at their audience, they will see that there are three Strange Watchers. The colours of these three beings correspond with the colours of the three main gods. Also, the green watcher looks much like the statue of Guthix in the mage training arena. There are a total of 84 chairs in the area and 81 are empty.


  • Sometimes, while writing a private message to a friend, the text will appear white.
  • If a player performs an action that would usually add text to the chat box (ie. examining an object), the player will see a "Click here to continue" message.
  • Players have reported facing the wrong way on occasion when brought to the mime random. It is unknown whether this has been fixed.
  • Following the graphics update, the Mime's face became transparent, leaving only his mask. This has since been fixed by Jagex.
  • The three mysterious members of the audience may well be none other than Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak, as they are wearing the colours of the three gods, white, green and red, respectively. This however is not confirmed, and the profiles of these characters do not completely match the descriptions given of the gods.
  • Left of the stage (from audience point of wiev) there seems to be an emergency exit, having a green glowing EXIT sign over it, like real life emergency exits.

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