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Miltin Takel
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5 ABY[1]

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Miltin Takel was one of the twelve original Imperial Grand Admirals appointed by Emperor Palpatine two years before the Battle of Yavin. Following the Emperor's death, he fell in with Trioculus and the Central Committee of Grand Moffs, which proved to be his downfall. His strategic brilliance was only matched by his strong vices.



Native to the planet Gargon in the Mandalore Sector, Takel was a flamboyant, street-talking man with a taste for hobnobbing with the upper crust of Imperial society, as well as for spice and women—including a secret enjoyment of women of other species. Takel received sanctuary with his brother Griff, the Governor of Esseles, in order to pursue his depraved interests with impunity, in exchange for Griff gaining access to Miltin's wide range of military contacts.[1]

Despite his issues, Grand Admiral Takel possessed a keen strategic mind, which he augmented with the mind-reading abilities glitterstim spice provided.[1] He was supplied with high-quality spice by Wendell Wright-Sims, an importer with express permission from Palpatine himself to provide spice to Coruscant's elite.[2] Takel's spice habit gave him an edge he needed to achieve victory at the Siege of Trasemene.[1]

Darth Vader presents Emperor Palpatine, Miltin Takel, and Thrawn plans for the second Death Star.

Perhaps in recognition of his success at Trasemene, Takel was one of several officers to make an appearance on Coruscant with the Emperor and Darth Vader for New Year Fete Week in 1 ABY.[3] Not long after, Takel mingled with Coruscanti elite at a gala celebrating the opening night of the famous Brentaal opera known as the Kallea Cycle, in the former Senate chambers on Coruscant.[2]

At some point, he awarded the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor to Sergus Lanox.[4]

Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the people of Mandalore, rallied by Mandalorian Supercommando Fenn Shysa, rose up against Takel's forces, whose territory included his home Mandalore Sector.[5]

While aboard the second Death Star, Takel's glitterstim-enhanced senses let him notice Grand Admiral Nial Declann's edginess; this allowed him to flee in time to avoid the station's destruction. Rather than attempt to rally the Imperial fleet as fellow Grand Admiral Teshik did, he fled the battle, as did fellow Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati. Meanwhile, Grand Admiral Josef Grunger, having just learned of the death of Palpatine while assisting Takel's second officer on patrol for "white-skinned marauders" (presumably the Nagai), fired on Takel's man and bullied his forces out of Gargon.[1]

Takel attempted unsuccessfully to oust Grunger from his homeworld, and his failure earned the ire of Ysanne Isard.[1]

Takel went to the convocation of Grand Moffs on Kessel, where the Central Committee of Grand Moffs presented Trioculus as the Son of Palpatine. In a spice-induced haze, Takel somehow felt connected to the three-eyed slavelord. The feeling of connection was reinforced when Trioculus promised to deal with the upstart Grunger, but ultimately, Takel's questioning of Trioculus while on another spice binge led to his execution by Grand Moff Hissa at Trioculus's unspoken order.[1][6]

Behind the scenes

"Who's Who: Imperial Grand Admirals" co-author Daniel Wallace has unofficially suggested that Takel's personal Star Destroyer was named Magic Dragon.[7]

As explained by Abel G. Peña on the Jedi Council Forums, in the article Who's Who: Imperial Grand Admirals, he intended Miltin Takel to be the Grand Admiral shocked with lightning by Trioculus in The Glove of Darth Vader. (see image) However, due to miscommunication with illustrator Joe Corroney, Corroney drew Takel with the appearance of another Imperial seen in a later meeting with Trioculus. As it is, which Grand Admiral was in this scene remains ambiguous. It may be Takel, with some artistic license assumed in the illustration, or it may be an entirely different one; Peña has proposed Rufaan Tigellinus as a possibility. [8]



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