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Milo, Shipping Foreman
race: Mr. Handy
affiliation: Nuka-Cola company
role: Loading Dock Foreman
location: Nuka-Cola Plant
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: The Nuka-Cola Challenge
Just for the Taste of It
actor: Stephen Russell
base id: 4d5b7
ref id: 4d5b9

Milo, Shipping Foreman, is a Mr. Handy robot who makes a brief appearance in The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest at the bottom floor of the Nuka-Cola Plant. He waits at the bottom level of the Factory Floor near the upper door to the Offices, and can be persuaded (using Speech or Robotics Expert), into giving you the R&D Safe Key and the Shipping Computer password. Failure results in demerits, which most of the remaining options will earn you. Upon getting three, Milo will attack you, and the key can be looted from his body afterwards.



Apparel Weapon Other item On death
- - - R&D Safe Key
Scrap Metal

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Milo the Robotic Foreman only appears in Fallout 3.


  • The player isn't the only person who receives lethal punishment for demerits. A closet with 4 bodies can be found in the plant, with a note revealing Milo left them to starve to death for minor infractions, such as leaving the Toilet lid in the Uni-sex bathrooms up or having a slightly longer lunch break.


  • An error can occur when you meet Milo and he will only say "What is it now, sir?". The dialogue will automatically end you cannot interact with him. However you can still kill him and loot his corpse.(confirmed PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

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